North America · 11 Days · 78 Moments · June 2015

Alaska and Washington

22 June 2015

Here's the mountain we summited. Today, we've hiked nearly 14 miles, 8 of it on rocky, steep terrain. We'll sleep well tonight!
Summit o' the mountain!!!
Almost to the top! That view!
Almost half way!
Beautiful day
Lots of ferns in the forest.
The beginning of our second hike today. This one is 4 miles up into Mount Si.

21 June 2015

Sunset of the summer solstice
A few nice pics of Richard!
Another gorgeous view.
In beautiful downtown Edmonds, Washington. It's like downtown Overland Park - if it had an ocean view and mountains! 😀
Nice lunch spot!
Richard and I are hiking today. It's a beautiful trail, like the Arboretum with tall pine trees.

19 June 2015

Parliament Building illuminated.
Always the ornamental topiary in Canada!
Quick stop in Victoria!
The moment Javi has been waiting for!
Our final dinner. Baked Alaska for dessert, of course! We will miss our servers, Dio and Bryan. And the mother with her three daughters who sat next to us each night. Thank goodness for Facebook!
Bunny ears at dinner
At a Motown show

18 June 2015

About to watch a disco show.
Afternoon tea
Where salmon swim
Family fun
Lots of fishing boats here.
Alaska has a ton of bald eagles and hawks.
Totem poles keep watch over the salmon fishing.
We're in Ketchikan until noon today.

17 June 2015

So far, this is my favorite souvenir (I haven't bought many). It's a three-dimensional map of Glacier Bay. I plan to frame it and put it in the boys' hallway, which is full of maps.
A view of our ship.
Lamplugh "The Blue" Glacier is Richard's favorite because of the shapes and coloring.
The scenery is unreal - we're all enjoying it so much!
Today is a day outside on the deck, full of postcard views like this.
The Lamplugh Glacier is tiny but naturally blue.
It's amazing to see ice floating in the water like this. What a diverse U.S. landscape.
It's cold but not as cold as you'd think for being near floating ice. We are fine wearing light jackets. We could see and hear "calving" -- when ice breaks off the glacier.
Glacier Bay and the first glacier of the day: Margerie Glacier.

16 June 2015

I'm not a fan of the breakfast or lunch buffets on the cruise but I enjoy dinner, served restaurant style. Tonight's menu has been my favorite so far: a goat cheese soufflé followed by scallops! So far, I've eaten seafood each night: cod, turbot, Alaskan king crab legs.
Richard is enjoying a Skagway Brewing Company Spruce Tip Ale.
Cove at the end of a lengthy hike.
It rained for about 5 minutes when we were on this trail but it was a refreshing, gentle rain.
The air is aromatic with the scent of flowers.
Nice hiking.
Beautiful waterfall!
Nice bridge.
Love the sky and the mountains.
Pretty lichen-covered mountains.
At the Canada border. Snowball fight!
Touring Skagway. This was our favorite Alaskan site outside of Glacier Bay.
Today we are in Skagway. It's 81 degrees.

15 June 2015

This is the Juneau Capitol, which isn't even as nice as some post offices in Kansas City. No rotunda. It's undergoing renovations.
The Mendenhall Glacier is beautiful. The air feels so crisp - it's 79 degrees - and smells piney and fresh. Heavenly!
Hiking in the Tongass National Forest, a temperate rain forest.
A few fun facts about humpback whales: they are 40 to 50 feet long and weigh 40 tons! That's longer than a tour bus and the weight of more than three elephants!
Six or seven humpback whales!
Sea lions!
Speeding along on our boat tour!
Just arrived in Juneau! About to go on whale watching, glacier and photography tour! We didn't need to go on this sky tram because we had such a wonderful tour.
We're headed to Juneau today. The views of mountains are spectacular! We saw two pairs of orcas but they were too fast for my camera.

14 June 2015

It is almost 10 p.m.! It looks like it's 5 p.m.! So light!
The kids ordered off the adult gourmet menu.
The boys love the pool!
The kids are swimming underneath a movie screen playing Sound of Music.
No one in our family of four has experienced a cruise. We've watched a lot of Love Boat and read the brochures but there are still surprises. I was floored our Princess Cruises boat is 19 floors. 19! There are about 3,000 passengers!

13 June 2015

On board! Finally! Javi wasn't enamored with the check-in rigamarole. "I thought this would be like the grocery store where you pay and then boom!" Our boys love the room with its bunks. They're happy with the big lifeboats.
We're at the Seattle Center Playground outside the EMP. We leave in less than an hour for the boat!

12 June 2015

The view from our hotel room last night!
Can't stop taking pictures inside and outside of the Space Needle. Love it!
Sonic Bloom outside the Space Needle
We're about to go up!!!
Javi's taking lots of pictures on our water tour.
Duck tour!
The view from our hotel!
Just arrived in Seattle!
Leaving for our big adventure!