Morocco · 7 Days · 18 Moments · October 2016

Sahara Glamping

27 October 2016

Our tour guide loved us!!

24 October 2016

No engine in the train!!
Stayed at the Riad Joya and had an amazing spa day... best pedicure I have ever had!!!

23 October 2016

Road trip home... -Getting stuck in sand -Camel traffic -Todra gorge (pic 5-trying out an awesome pose I saw a fellow tourist displaying) -Honeymoon suite at our Riad for Tiff's birthday? (pic 7)
Last sunrise in the Sahara... watching as it rises with Algeria off in the distance.

22 October 2016

Tiff, Colleen and I sang acoustic 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' with Tiff on ukulele around the campfire! 😀❤️
Riding camels at sunset...
Singing friends in low places... in the oasis!
Got turbaned up, explored the Sahara, visited nomads ruins and a mine with quartz and a Bombar village listening to some music and dancing!
Our digs
Sunrise Is it always that big. -Stacey That's what sheep said. -Tiff Holy flies...

21 October 2016

Dance party / joke time round the campfire!
First night. Tea, wine, dinner, campfire, Berber music and dancing... and bad jokes!
More cool sites along the way... highlights... Morocco 'Hollywood', oasis,...
Kasbah stop
Road tripping to the desert!
Had to use a picture of a train to get to train station to pick up Maggie