Europe, North America · 13 Days · 27 Moments · March 2017

Stacey and Chuck Do Holland

5 April 2017

Chuck and I spent 4 days in The Hague and 4 days in Amsterdam. The following photos depict our time in Netherlands. We had a great time and we were definitely not ready to return home!

1 April 2017

We did an evening canal cruise through Amsterdam with Lover's Cruises. There was a lot of great information and we saw an absolutely beautiful sunset from the water.
We also visited the Anne Frank house and it was totally worth the 1.5 hour wait. You can buy tickets online, but it typically sells out 4 weeks in advance. If you don't have a ticket, they let people in after 3:30pm, but the line can be anywhere from 1-2+ hours. There are no photos allowed inside, but I got a few shots of the exterior from the canal cruise.
We spent about an hour at the Heineken Experience and greatly enjoyed it. Total, they give you about a pint and a half of beer so be prepared. We followed it up with some awesome Dutch pancakes πŸ™‚
The Moco Museum has beautiful exhibits by Banksy and Dalì. It was one of my favorite stops of the trip and I highly recommend stopping by.
We stayed at Hotel Aalders for our four days in Amsterdam and it was a perfect location. It is right by the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Moco Museum and the train line to take you wherever you'd like. The staff and breakfast were also top notch πŸ‘Œ
This is one of my favorite photos that I took the entire trip. It has everything - the Rijksmuseum, the I Am Amsterdam sign, blooming tulips, reflections in the water and a beautiful sky.
I achieved the nearly impossible and took a photo *almost* alone in front of the I Am Amsterdam sign. Getting up early on a Saturday is not that enjoyable but I think the shot was well worth it! (Click on the photo to see it in all its glory πŸ™‚)

31 March 2017

We visited Rembrandt's House and the tour was really interesting. On the fireplace, the pillars were marble but the mantle was wood and had been painted to look like marble. They did the same technique on some of the doorways!
We took the train from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans to see the windmills. It was about 30 minutes each way from Amsterdam Central Station and well worth it on a beautiful, sunny day.

30 March 2017

The Rijksmuseum is incredible and cannot be missed in Amsterdam. Even the outside is unbelievably beautiful and it is the place to see if you have any interest in art history or architecture.
More from the Rijksmuseum πŸ™‚

29 March 2017

The main part of the tour was the city of Giethoorn. It doesn't have many roads and the homes are accessible by bridge and boat. It is a beautiful place that was recommended to me by a Dutch friend. We did a canal tour but it was rainy and the photos didn't look very good. Luckily for us it stopped raining while we had time to walk around the town for about an hour.
We left The Hague very early in the morning to catch a tour that left from Amsterdam. We got on the wrong train (not the express πŸ˜•) and ended up being a few minutes late to the meeting point. Our guide was really gracious and nice enough to not leave without us. Our first stop was the sleepy fishing town of Eukhuizen.

28 March 2017

In Delft, we went to the Old Church. The interior is absolutely beautiful but unfortunately we only had 5 minutes before they were closing. Even so, the lady working was nice enough to let us in for those few minutes :)
The Peace Palace is in The Hague and is home to law and administrative offices. It reminds me of the castle from Beauty and the Beast.
In Delft, one ticket allows you admission to both the Old and the New Church. The New Church is under renovation and the tower is closed. It was still really beautiful to see, and is home to the tomb of William of Orange.
I took many photos around Delft. The combination of blue skies, canals and bicycles is stunning.

27 March 2017

We spent an afternoon in Keukenhoff, which just opened for the season the weekend before we went. It has tons of tulips and daffodils and is absolutely beautiful.
Even more photos of Keukenhoff 🌷❀️

26 March 2017

We spent an afternoon at the beach in Scheveningen, outside of The Hague. We went on the Ferris wheel and then had more wine :)
We took a quick tour through the Prison Gate Museum, which is where they held prisoners. The room pictured was for a wealthy person in prison and even included a fireplace!
Mauritshuis is a beautiful museum in The Hague with Rembrandt and Vermeer paintings in their collection. We greatly enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it!
The Hague is a really charming city that we had a great time exploring on foot. We also went to a bar by our hotel for a tasting flight of their in-house beers.

25 March 2017

We went to the 42nd floor Sky Bar in the Penthouse. It has beautiful views of The Hague and we saw another beautiful sunset.
We flew into AMS and then took a train to The Hague, where we stayed for 4 days. It's a beautiful city with a laid-back but metropolitan vibe. Obviously, we had to enjoy some wine upon our arrival!

24 March 2017

On our way to Amsterdam we saw a beautiful sunset over Philadelphia.