United States of America · 1 Days · 7 Moments · May 2018

St. Luke’s Church, Smithfield, Va, USA

26 May 2018

Statue of st. Luke. Trip summary: Will visit again. Overall it was a great trip. Plenty of history and architecture in the peaceful almost magical surroundings and all just about 45 min away from Virginia Beach. Money spent: $16 (one military, 2 students) Transportation: car, only 35 miles from Virginia Beach. Didn’t use much gas, didn’t fill it in for this trip nor do inbred to do it afterwards, so I include this one in my regular gas budget.
We’ve spent over an hour walking through the old cemetery. As far as cemeteries goes this is the resting place o would choose for me. Quite, picturesque, one with nature, romantic, under the trees, next to the water. Almost like describing my dream place to actually live in :) The inscription on the sun dial reads: I count none but the sunny hours
As we continued walking around the cemetery grounds we discovered this old little building. It’s turning to ruin and i love ruins. Nature is taking over and it looks great doing so. We’ve also seen a duck family in the river next to the cemetery.
More views of the church. I really like it, maybe because it reminds me of Europe? Feels old too. And it’s in such a peaceful settings. All but last photo taken with Sony a5000. Last one with iphone6
The church was built as a single room unit. And the tower was built at the same time unlike many that were added later. The tower doesn’t have a bell and it never had any real function besides showing the magnitude of the building. The church was built in the medieval fashion. Also bricks have Flemish design (short alternating with long).
Beautiful statue of an angel on the grave of a baby in the cemetery of historic St. Luke’s Church.
We took a guided tour of the church. It was 45 min filled with lots of information. Well worth the price (for us it was only $16 total). This church is said to be the oldest church in the state of Virginia (official date is set to 1632 although according to our guide John and evidence he is providing it was built towards the end of 17th century). Church was restored twice, and it really needed it (again take a tour so you can see it’s pitiful state before the restoration). Pocahontas was never in this church but she is commemorated in one of the windows (Pocahontas is actually her childhood nickname and means a playful one). The church houses a beautiful organ that dates to 1630 which makes it older then the church itself. You will have a pleasure of listening to its last performance on the recording.