North America · 64 Days · 60 Moments · December 2018

St George Island 2019

3 March 2019

Finished the last painting that I started in SGI

1 March 2019

Back home
A quick stop on the way home in Kentucky

28 February 2019

Goodbye SGI. See you in 10 months

27 February 2019

Our last day here

26 February 2019

Water droplets on a flower petal

25 February 2019

A strawberry 🍓 paint day

24 February 2019

Beautiful night
Making our way back home this week. Spending a lazy day at the house

23 February 2019

It’s a beautiful beach day

22 February 2019

Online paint lessons
Today is national margarita day

21 February 2019

One more week left here in paradise

18 February 2019

Lizzy met a very cool new friend Otis and her owner Tom

16 February 2019

Painted a few items to be sold at the fireman’s chili cook off today

14 February 2019

Flowers from the husband that never buys flowers 😍 Note the vase is a blender And fresh valentines donuts

11 February 2019

Our sunset cruise
More boating pics
Boat trip to little St George Island

10 February 2019

Fun charity dinner
Always a great time with Liana

6 February 2019

Almost finished two paintings after taking art classes at sea oats gallery

3 February 2019

Teaching the local bartenders about bloody caesars

30 January 2019

Gorgeous sunrise today
Our place is the first blue one 🤗
Painting rocks and shadows
Working on watercolour painting

26 January 2019

25 January 2019

Lots of shells on the beach
Lots of painting
Lunch when xtra large shrimp is fresh off the truck and 4.99 a lb

23 January 2019

Today was a windy day so stayed in and painted

21 January 2019

Last nights superwolf moon

20 January 2019

Super wolf blood moon

19 January 2019

Mexico beach after the hurricane
Beautiful labs for adoption but the boss says no
Oyster cook off Appalachacola

17 January 2019

A pretty pink sky tonight

16 January 2019

Made an apple tart today with a cream cheese bottom. Didn’t have a rolling pin so drank a bottle of wine and used it as a rolling pin. Lol
Beautiful morning

14 January 2019

Practice paint day

12 January 2019

Paint day - gave this to Tom and Lucinda
At Oysterbones for a dog treat

11 January 2019

Thanks Liana

10 January 2019

Another nice day to sit on the deck

9 January 2019

All ready to start my morning yoga and this is what I find

8 January 2019

7 January 2019

When it only cost $15 for a whole turkey who needs to buy cold cuts for sandwiches And as a bonus we get a turkey dinner Looks like lizzy had too much turkey. Just kidding

6 January 2019

As per my usual, my first and hopefully last injury while rescuing Lizzie from a thorn in her paw Fire ants
Breakfast on the deck Early morning sunrise at 7 am

5 January 2019

As of now Lizzy has had over 1,000 Facebook views Lol. She’s famous
Loving the beach
Fresh donuts a block from our house

3 January 2019

Our first sunrise 🌅 Getting up at 7:30 am isn’t that bad 🤪

31 December 2018

Great time on NYE despite the Advil in the morning 🤕
On the road again, Lizzy is such a great traveler

30 December 2018

Last day of the cold for me