North America, Europe · 5 Days · 18 Moments · February 2016

Spring Shopping in London Winter

23 February 2016

Lady London surpassed any expectations I had. Her people were very friendly and as beautiful as the city herself. You can feel the history as you walk her streets, ride her trains, and take in all she has to offer. As I have already written, I am blessed to be able to visit so many places and I think this gorgeous city is one of my favorites. Things that I didn't expect; how racially diverse it was and how many interracial couples there were (her younger sister America couple learn a lot from this), the ease at which you can traverse her noble expanse, and how welcoming she seemed. I was there to shop for inspiration for clothing lines I design, but was able to do more then soak in the international shops. I can't wait to go back and look forward to having my Talimous on my arm.
London was a beautiful experience. I am very blessed to be able to experience so many places in the world via my work. I worked my arse off to get where I am, but thankful that the opportunities have come up for me in this way.

22 February 2016

I literally ran between shopping and business appointments to get some pics and at least see these things I have heard about. They didn't disappoint. Honestly I was blown away.
Traditional English Breakfast
Earl Grey Tea is definitely better in England.

21 February 2016

Pickadilli Circus

20 February 2016

This is the crew I traveled with during this trip.
Random art
If I we're to pick a prefect meal, it might be mussels and Belgian Abby beers.
Had a beautiful rainy day shopping and seeing London. Oxford Street and Covent Gardens.
Super heros and hello kitty??? Whaaaa

19 February 2016

Ride form the airport to the hotel
Got lost on a walk about.
The Bay Bridge and East Bay.
Boarded, but the cabin is full of a bunch of spoiled UK teens. Everyone wanted a seat of their choice. The entitlement of westerner isn't just Americans, nice to know
Waiting for a flight to the UK is very interesting. Most of the people waiting are British business men. Everyone is taking about "the next crash" that will hit Britain next. In the US we keep hearing how we are doing great. Of course global markets are in disarray, but is the UK as bad as China or just afraid they will be.
5.5 layover, man it was long.