Spain · 1 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

Spontaneous short trip to Barcelona

24 September 2016

We were sooo hungry when we got to our hostel we chugged the cereal (they provided free breakfast food ALL DAY LONG) first before anything. This hostel was well-located and very neat (and provided free food) which was the main reason I chose this hostel out of so many. And i think we got our money's worth :))
Just landed and got outside of the airport. Hot and humid. Whoa reminds me of Korea's weather. Wait. Did i bring shorts???
That exciting moment when you see your destination from the plane window!!! The city looked soooo beautiful!!
From Lyon to Barcelona. Personally, I've never boarded on a flight without the walking attachment thing. And this was my first time boarding by walking up the stairs! The flight lasted about 2 hours I think. Very short and exciting as this was my first time going to Spain.