United States of America · 4 Days · 40 Moments · December 2016

NASH BASH in Nashville, TN

12 December 2016

We are the best.

11 December 2016

Union Station
Best bathroom in the country. Sorry little kid for the photo.
So long Market Street apartment. You were good to us. We weren't good to you.
Current mood after night 3.
Santa found another helper.

10 December 2016

Champagne for our campaign.
Incredible show at the Bluebird Cafe
At the bar ready for the show.
5 minutes left.
Heads up while we wait.
We here. Waiting.
Broadway Street is rockin even during the day.
Santa made an appearance.
Found his little helper.
Ever wanted to pay 20 bucks to hear a song?

9 December 2016

See the resemblance?
First stop: wild horse
When Mack forgets his test was in eastern time and fear failing if but his professor let's him still take it and he nails it. We take shots immediately after waking up from our nap.
I believe in Nashville.
Totes presh
Getting chick wasted
Pfunky Griddle.
I believe in...
Return of the Mack. Tyler played major role as wing man.
It's time to explore

8 December 2016

We will.
Shots for the Nash Bash commence
When you have women on your bro trip.
Quote worthy: Ty - boxy is sexy Mack - ****, **** everywhere
Let me introduce you to: Beev
T minus two hours
Lights activated.
That sunset. 💯
Almost departure time
He's kind of excited.
Let me introduce you to: Beev