Spain · 3 Days · 44 Moments · June 2015

Spanish Mozaics

17 June 2015

Rushed from FC Barcelona to Magic fountain of Montjuic WHICH DIDN'T HAVE ANY WATER TODAY WHATTTT😅😅😅 SO DISAPPOINTING. Now on the way to the airport to HOBO until my flight to Lisbon which is at 6am-ish tomorrow. This marks the end of my solo day trip☺️☺️☺️
LAST STOP: Magic Fountain of Montjuic! There wasn't any fountain when I went there, quite a huge disappointment because I was looking forward to this. Still, Fira Barcelona looked amazing😍 i can only imagine what it will look like with the fountain opened!
[Camp Nou] 😍😍😍
[Camp Nou] When one visits Barcelona, one should not miss the Camp Nou experience😂
Selfies at Camp Nou, part 2. I definitely took the most amount of photos here🙈🙈🙈
Selfies at Camp Nou, Part 1🙊🙊🙊
[Camp Nou] I could feel chills down my spine when exploring the stadium grounds and watching the videos of FC Barcelona. The amount of winning cups is 😱😱😱 and it was surreal sitting in the press box and spending time staring into the stadium!
FOURTH STOP: FC BARCELONAAAAAA I am super glad I went out of the way to get to Camp Nou for the museum and tour of the stadium! One of the major highlights of the trip😆 Too bad I had to rush the museum part because 2hrs is too short to fully experience being in the stadium/inside areas.
On the cable car back down to the metro. Next stop: FC BARCELONAAAA😊😊😊
THIRD STOP: Castell de Montjuic! This is where the vantage point of Barcelona is - you get to see the entire city, as well as the port areas☺️
Selfies at Castell de Montjuic😆
Took the funicular and teleferic (cable car) up to Castell de Montjuic!
On the funicular to Montjuic!!! I think it's gonna go quite high up😱
Had lunch at KFC, then strolled along the streets for postcards, then now on the way to Montjuic Castle☺️
Stumbled upon Arc de Triomf😁
[Parc de la Ciutadella]
Selfies at Parc de la Ciutadella🙈
SECOND STOP: Parc de la Ciutadella! Totally a family park, lots of people having picnic, walking their dogs, having some romantic rowing in the lake time😂
Done with Casa Batllo, now on the way to Parc de la Ciutadella☺️
Selfies at Casa Batllo😂
[casa batllo]
My first stop: CASA BATLLO! This place has the best audio/self-guided tour it was amazing. Everything just came alive through the tour and it was pretty magical! Gaudi is really a genius when it comes to architecture - how he overcame all sorts of problems and how to create sustainable solutions😱😱😱 can't believe someone from over a 100 years ago already considered sustainability in design.
MY SOLO DAY STARTS NOW! At the train station waiting for the train to come😊 first stop, another of Gaudi's creation - Casa Batllo!

16 June 2015

Back to Bosque for paella cos it was too good. This time we ordered some sort of raw fish tapas and four servings of seafood paella😂
Then we went shopping and had a churro hunt!
And always remember to have llaollao while in Spain😂😂😂😂😂
part 4😂😂😂
Sagrada Familia part 3
More of Sagrada Familia. I love the coloured glass windows!! So colourful and unique😍😍😍 the light shines through the entire church so the whole place had colours. Photos cannot do this place justice.
SAGRADA FAMILIA. The MUSTSEE in Barcelona😍😍😍 Gaudi is such a genius at architecture. Can't wait to see his other works tomorrow.
The monastery at Montserrat. We watched the childrens' choir during the service and they were so cute yet sing so well!!!
Hiking up Montserrat part 2! There were just so many steps up and down that our legs turned jelly and were trembling when we reached back down😂😂😂 because of time constraint we only went to one scenic spot and then had to get back down already😭😭😭
Hiking up Montserrat Part 1
WELCOME TO MONTSERRAT😍😍😍 the weather is SO GOOD. Sunny yet kind of chilly like aircon temperature☺️
Training to Monserrat this morning! Followed by a cable car up to the midpoint of the mountains☺️

15 June 2015

SEAFOOD PAELLA AND STEAMED MUSSELS!!! OMG SUPER GOOD😋😋😋 and we had to queue around 1hr plus to get a seat and our paella😅 but it was well worth it. We also shared a Sangria☺️
The streets and architectures of Barcelona😍😍😍
ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY SAY NO WHEN YOU SEE LLAOLLAO IN SPAIN (llao originates from spain😂) Jac and Candice literally ran to the shop though there wasn't much of a queue so embarassing😂😂😂
Parc Guell - when you see the photoscenic shot, you have to take a lot of photos
Parc Guell part 3
Parc Guell Part 2 - flower fields and mozaic architectures
Parc Guell! Such a pretty place😍
Safely arrived by flight and checked into our basement apartment in Barcelona😊