North America, Europe · 6 Days · 13 Moments · May 2018

Spain / Portugal 2018

16 May 2018

We got lucky with fantastic temperature, around 56F, and an occasional breeze with sun breaking the clouds. Forecast the day before was showing steady rain and high 40's. The pictures don't give the mountain its grand awe factor. There was a Hotel at the base, which had patio seating and BEER! The scenery was breathtaking. While sitting taking in the massive peeks and warm sun, a thunderous crashing noise erupted through the Cirque. I was able to capture video of one of the small but lengthy waterfalls - snow broke loose from above the falls and cascaded with the falls. You could see large chunks of snow falling and exploding on the rocks below. It happened three times while we sat.
'Cirque de Gavarnie' - an incredible Pyrenees peeks. The hike was an easy trek, but the views were majestic. In the 4+ mile hike (round trip) from the small town of Gavarnie, to the base of the peeks, we must have walked near twenty waterfalls and creeks feeding into the main river - flowing from the mountain snow. The water was incredible clear and blue.
Thursday we rented a car and drove into France to hike the Pyrenees. About a 3 hour drive through tiny towns and local tourist areas.

15 May 2018

Tuesday we ventured on an electric bike tour around San Sebastián from Alain(A-Lie), and experienced the many historic sights and views of San Sebastián. We also went to the large sporting complex where the local Soccer team plays. They have their city's Basketball arena, Velodrome, Track, and Basque Pelota Court - which we played. A mix between Handball and Jai Alai. Super fun time.

14 May 2018

Taking in the sights of San Sebastián - 1
San Sebastián also has a decent draw for the Surfing community, and rusty left behind bikes.
Monday, we took a 5 hour speed train from Barcelona to San Sebastián, Spain, and walk through the city with our baggage to an (airbnb) apartment. A perfect location to walk to many meat shops, bakery's, Cafe's, Bar's, shopping, and close to the beach.

13 May 2018

Visiting La Sagrada Famlia. Began construction in late 19th Century, and hasn't stopped since. Completion expected in 2026 Street vendors line the perimeter of park across from the Basilica, selling their artwork of the grand Basilica. A lot of walking through old tree lined neighborhoods , kept very clean, and feeling safe. Gorgeous weather.

12 May 2018

On our way to hike Montserrat! About 60F today

11 May 2018