Spain · 8 Days · 12 Moments · August 2014

Spain is hot. Ole

28 August 2014

Sorry! Thought those uploaded a while ago. Be home tomorrow so if you want to see the finale you'll have to come visit me! See you soon!

20 August 2014

So many people. Got some meat and juice and boogied out of there!
Ended up back by the art museum and the fountains. Then we took a metro to la ramblas to go to the famous market.
Then we found the Olympic stadium. It wasn't very impressive. But they only let is see one building. So maybe that was why.
On the way down there was a cool cemetery in the form of apartments!
The next day we went up montjuic for a view and to see the Olympic stadium. This is a fort at the very top. We worked our way down.
These guys are placed in the back of the nativity scene at Christmas. There is always someone mooning in the background. So they make a bunch of famous people and sell them.
The next day we went on a walking tour. It was free. Woohoo. Our guide was really good. The wall picture is damage from the bombing.
We also saw this cool art museum before we went home.
We went to the magic fountains. Originally we went to the wrong fountains so we almost missed it. Luckily we didn't. It was pretty fun. And refreshing since there was a mist. The subway home was so packed that it was the most sweaty experience. Even though the subways are air conditioned. That's how hot it is. I haven't been on an air condidioned subway yet! It was midnight. And I was still sweating. Oh my.
We continued to wander around at night to see some of the cool architecture lit up.
Got in. And metroed to the beach and wandered back to the hostel. Walked up la ramblas. Had to buy a fan here because barcelona is the hottest place I have ever been. For some reason the only thing I can remember about barcelona is how hot it is. I might have lost some weight because i sweat so much!