North America, Europe, Africa · 21 Days · 47 Moments · April 2016

South African Adventure with Friends

11 May 2016

last flight back to the USA. 5.11.16

11 May 2016

yep! 5.11.16
Berlin Wall pieces and a German car to celebrate freedom and partnership. 5.11.16

10 May 2016

I struck gold for this long international flight, nobody sitting in the middle seats. 😆5.10.16
starting the long journey back to the US in a tiny plane that feels like a private charter. 5.10.16

9 May 2016

when the sun goes down in Africa, the sky becomes a mix of water colors. last sunset of this new continent adventure. I will be back. 5.9.16
lunch with zebras. 5.9.16

7 May 2016

reunited at last! 5.7.16
thanks for the warm welcome Botswana. I will definitely explore, experience, and enjoy. 5.7.16
foggy morning for the airplanes. wheels up to Botswana. 5.7.16

6 May 2016

party in the back of the plane. wheels up to Jo'burg and then to Botswana. 5.6.16
cars packed and ready for he 2.5 hour drive to the airport. bye Sha Sha, you are a great pup. 5.6.16

5 May 2016

when your vacation villa has no power, you make things work. we made candle holders out of pineapple tops. 5.5.16
last sunset at the villa and we enjoyed sunset. 5.5.16
early morning safari - we saw animals all day!! 5.5.16

4 May 2016

spent the morning at the beach and ripping waves on a pontoon boat. friends snorkeled and scuba dived, while I tried some "bunny chow" local curry. 5.4.16

3 May 2016

had a local fish dinner then off to a night safari. we saw lots of giraffes, buffalo, zebras, and rhinos. the highlight was catching a chameleon. 5.3.16
drove thru a game reserve and saw lots of horned antelope, called khbula in Zulu. 5.3.16
morning hippo tour, also saw some monkeys getting into trouble. 5.3.16

2 May 2016

traveled from Capetown to Durban, and saw these things along the way. 5.2.16

30 April 2016

last day of the burn, back in the road. 5.1.16
day 4 of the burn. 4.30.16

28 April 2016

day 2 of the burn. 4.28.16

27 April 2016

Afrika Burn 2016 theme: X Marks the Spot. 4.27.16
a few photos from day 1 of the burn. 4.27.17
Afrika Burn welcome. 4.27.16
into the desert we go! just gonna stand there and watch me burn. 4.27.16
headed into the African desert for 5 days. morning fog adds to the majestic feel of the landscape. 4.27.16
4am and we are hitting the road to Afrika Burn. 2 camper trucks and a massive minivan will caravan into the desert for 5 days of fun. 4.27.16

26 April 2016

sometimes you strike gold when booking a vacation house. and sometimes your vacation house has a roof top deck that looks out at massive mountains and streaky clouds. today is that sometime. 4.26.16
when your friends go along with your crazy idea to relive a childhood memory of rolling down hills, silliness follows. thanks friends! you are all high hill champions. 4.26.16

25 April 2016

started at the bottom and made it to a lighthouse, the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean. what a climb! 4.26.16
made new friends at the penguin sanctuary today, these are some of my favorites new friends. 4.25.16
made a new friend with an African penguin, his name is Ric and he is a bit camera shy. 4.25.16

24 April 2016

check out that mountain, it looks like a table top. 4.24.16
Signal Hill, Cape Town: where the sky meets the sea at sunset. 4.24.16
Jacko the house parrot: he sings, dances, makes beats, whistles, and speaks. he's 31 years young. 4.24.16
making a massive minivan cool with these kiddos. 4.24.16
I didn't realize that Cape Town was so mountainous. 4.24.16
airport wisdom: go live and you will find answers, the bright side, and astound yourself. happy birthday Eva! 4.24.16
just a few small cones to mark off special parking spots. 😆 4.24.16

23 April 2016

32 hours of travel, 4 airports, 1 hotel, and kindness of several strangers led me to this beautiful food and a calm pool. South African vacation achievement unlocked. 4.23.16

22 April 2016

4/22/16: After a sleepless flight from San Francisco due to a screaming baby sitting in the row just in front of me. When you land in Frankfurt, Germany and find out that you have a 10 hour layover, what would you do? Here's my initial list, with photos to match: 1. Walk the airport to try to find nap pods - no success, so far 2. Stumble upon a few pieces of the original Berlin Wall, in scavenger hunt style 3. Scout the airport restaurants, find a giant blue cow and hot dog condiments hanging with hot dog squeeze handles, delicious pastries and fancy caviar shops 4. Find video game stations with Xbox 5. See people sitting in chairs that look like nap pods, and realize these people are working on laptops - not napping 7. Ask a gate agent what to do for the next 10 hours - suggested: take the train to town 8. Search for free wifi - success! 9. Look for a napping spot - success, found a corner of seats with no armrests and low light 10. Maybe take the train after a nap
clear day and warm weather, taking this bird to Frankfurt Germany. 4.21.16
shared the walkway to the gates with this character. he must be really excited for a fiesta. 4.21.16
4/21/16: good day South San Francisco! great view of blue sky and cloud patterns after a restful night at an airport hotel.

20 April 2016

4/20/16: The adventure begins! 👍😎 2 bags packed to the limit and stoked for the next 3 weeks. First leg of the trip Denver to San Francisco to stay a night at the airport before long international flights.