Malaysia, Singapore · 10 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Sophie's voyage in Malaysia

13 May 2017

Singapore (Footsteps Hostel) - bus £20 / 10 hrs - border control didn't believe my passport was me - Clark Quay for a Singapore Sling - beautiful building / amazing architecture, colours and cleanliness, sharp angles - Gardens at the Bay / garden dome and cloud dome - Sky walk across the pods - meal at Pistachios for Georgies birthday (amazing lamb, hummus and pita and Baklava) - Marina on the Bay 57th floor for cocktails / berry Bellini and cool storm - went to Botanical Gardens / thunder and lightning, everyone ran to the MRT station - seethrough windows on MRT - went shopping at the malls / clean cut, plain coloured fashion

8 May 2017

Penang (Tipsy Tiger Hostel) - ferry $13 / 3 hrs - two free drinks / v.strong 'say when' 90% gin - night out to 'Y not' - cat cafe - got a cheese sandwich and cried - fight between owner and vegan chilli girl - New Zealand Air Force / arm wrestle for a kiss - cardboard drinking game - best chicken burger ever - street art / malls / night out - national park / very pretty, saw turtles and lizards - weird bee museum - got horrifically drunk off caramel vodka, was sick, George had to bum gun me because I slept on the toilet floor and I tried to fight her - good garlic cheese naan - amazing food court (roast duck, Katsu curry, roast pork, nacho fries) - really nice bus with remote control reclining, screens and free wifi

4 May 2017

Fly to Kuala Lumpur -> Fly to Langkawi (VIP female hostel) - ridiculously cheap alcohol! - went to a live Chinese fish restaurant where you choose your own fish (red snapper in sweet and sour sauce) - henna hand design - cable car (bit misty / love locks) - dinosaur stimulator - cheese, wine and chocolate night - extreme high ropes course / dodgy because you clip yourself onto the course and make your own zip wire - George strangled herself on her water bottle holder - ladies night / cat jumped into a guys space and wanted to make a Facebook status #patriarchy - Langkawi live band at Sunba - tried to get in random mans van to McDonald's - cat shouting at men to go away and make a status #patriarchy - nice chocolate with cornflakes