Sweden, Denmark, Canada · 7 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Sophie's voyage in Denmark

30 April 2017

Denmark Day 8: This entire day is spent traveling home. Starting with a 3 hour bus ride to Copenhagen, where we had to wait in the airport for 4 hours before our flight left. It was a little hectic, but we made it. We then made it to Frankfurt where we had an hour layover before making the long journey to Dallas. We are currently in route to Dallas, and when we arrive we will be on the last leg Wilburton bound! We had an amazing trip and got to experience so many different things. I know I will benefit from task trip so greatly. I was extremely blessed with the opportunity to experience the world.
Denmark Day 5: Even though this day started out with a tragedy back at home, we still made it a great day. We traveled to the West Coast with the first year student we met the day before. After a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived at the beach. First we climbed the light tower (177 steps up) and got an amazing view of the surrounding area. We then walked down to beach and enjoyed our surroundings. We collected shells and sand as memories to take home. When we finished in this area, we traveled another hour on the bus to historic town of Ribe. This is the oldest town in Denmark. After walking around and exploring the city, we got to tour the Viking museum. Even though me and Cali got lost and had to run to make it there on time. We then traveled back home to Silkeborg and got to spend time with Liv and her mother at an after-school care center where her mother works. We made pizza by hand and got to hang out and eat dinner with all of the kids.

29 April 2017

Denmark Day 7: Our LAST day in Denmark. 🙁 Following the fun night we had, we got to sleep in for the first time of the whole trip. We woke up to an amazing brunch prepared by our host mom. After eating, we got ready to explore Silkeborg for the last time. Liv and Josephine took us to their favorite lunch stop in the city, the Bagel Shop. We then took our lunch to the park by the lake to eat and look at all of the passing boats. After eating, we went back to our homes to finishing packing. That night we got to experience a national handball match, which was an amazing experience. We have nothing like it in the states. They take it very seriously and it was a great environment to be in. After the game, we had dinner at a cafe in Silkeborg, another one of their favorites. We then went back to our home and said our goodbyes to our host families before we left the city at 11:00pm. It was a bittersweet goodbye. We were ready to get home, but it was sad leaving these amazing people.

28 April 2017

Denmark Day 6: This was probably my favorite day of the whole trip. We started the day by traveling to Aarhus with the second year students. We got to experience a very interesting contemporary art museum. The exhibits included a scratched up Lamborghini, a very realistic looking statue of a boy, and several completely black rooms. My favorite part of the museum, however, was the rainbow tunnel at the very top of the building. After concluding at the museum, we then walked to the Old Town, which consists of several buildings and houses from different time periods in Denmark history. Being this was our last night in Denmark, our hosts thought it would be nice for us to take advantage of the drinking ages in Denmark, which is 16 by the way. And since we are 18, we got to go into the bars. We spent the night bar hopping and dancing the night away. I've never seen someone drop it as low as Derrick did and that was probably the highlight of the night.

26 April 2017

Denmark Day 1: After 10 hours of flight time, we finally arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. We then ran to catch another plane to Copenhagen and lost Zane and Derrick in the process. We all made it onto the plane (which had more leg room than the long flight) and flew 1.5 hours to Denmarks capital city. After making it to the big city, we dropped off our luggage at the hostel (which is much different than a hotel) and then took off for some sightseeing. We toured the Christianborg palace, which houses the government of Denmark. We then went on a canal ride, despite the freezing temperatures. We got to see all the attractions of Copenhagen. After all of this, we ate a Chinese buffet, which was overpriced and not that good. But at least we're in Denmark! We then made our way back to the hostel to get some much needed rest. At this point, I had been up for 30 hours straight and was becoming delirious. We got a good nights rest and prepared for our next day traveling to Sweden.
Denmark Day 4: Today is the day we have to give our presentations. Little did I know, we would be doing it three different times instead of just one. All of us were extremely nervous, but we did very well. After concluding our last presentation, we got to meet some of the first year students that will be traveling to Oklahoma next year. After lunch, they showed us around the city of Silkeborg and I was treated to some delicious, but overly sweet, gellato. After we finished with the first year students, we had the rest of the day to spend with our host families. Liv and Josephine took a few of us up to Sky Mountain to see the best view in Silkeborg. Even though it was snowing, it was still beautiful.

25 April 2017

Denmark Day 3: Our day started at 8:00AM and we began to walk around the city of Copenhagen for the last time before traveling to Silkeborg. We started by climbing the Round Tower which was exhausting, but gave us a beautiful view of the city. After that we walked to the residence of the Queen and Crown Prince to see the changing of the guards. We also saw a beautiful cathedral in the heart of the city. After all of this, we got about 4 hours of free time to explore the city or do some shopping. Me and Blayne ate at the Hard Rock Cafe them spent the rest of our time shopping and exploring shops. After free time, we met back at the hostel to travel to the train bound for Silkeborg. This trip took about 3 hours, but we finally got to meet our host families and spend the first night in their homes. When we arrived to ours, we ate an Asian dish before getting settled to go to bed. Before going to sleep, we studied over our presentation that we would be presenting the next day.

24 April 2017

Denmark Day 2: Due to rain and snow in Copenhagen, we decided to change the a schedule and travel to Malmo, Sweden a day early. We took a 45 minute train ride across the long bridge to Malmo. When we arrived in Sweden, we walked to the Castle Museum. It included an aquarium, art exhibit, and a history of the actual castle. After eating lunch in the museum, we walked back to the train station to travel back to Copenhagen. When we arrived back in Denmark, we went back to the hotel for a couple of hours to take a nap. Me, Taylor, and Cali then walked down to the pedestrian street for some shopping. Later that evening, we took advantage of the different drinking laws in Denmark and had a drink at one of the local bars. After that, we walked back to the hotel and got some shut eye for our last day in Copenhagen before traveling to Silkeborg.