United Kingdom · 1 Days · 3 Moments · September 2014

Sophie's Trip into the world of Roman Bath

19 September 2014

My trip to Roman Bath was amazing. It was originally a college trip for my travel and tourism class, it was amazing to see all the sites and also where the old and famous Roman bath is, my friend and I didn't get to see it because you have to pay £14.70 to have a full tour we weren't gonna pay that! We did a tour of the te royal crescent which is really expensive to live in and also the circus which is entirely made out of bath stone, it is also really expensive to live in. The whole city if bath is made out of bath stone an it took over 10 years to build with extremely a lot of stone. After the whole tour we were given permission to go wondering around bath to have food and to do some shopping. The one thing I enjoyed was the main attraction which was the bath Abby church, we went inside as it was amazing with it's golden stairs and it's stained glass windows.
These four photos are pictures of the main four places and attractions I visited and saw at Bath.
Two of my favourite sites x