United States of America · 375 Days · 45 Moments · July 2017

Western USA National Parks

25 July 2017

And...it ends. Midnight in Dayton. Navajo spirit flute playing in the back seat.

23 July 2017

Last hike of the trip. Riverside Walk to the Narrows.
Angel's Landing: going down and all is safe and sound:-)
Angel's Landing: at the top!
Angel's Landing: going up!

22 July 2017

Emerald Pools Trail then we ended the day at lovely Flanigan's Inn with dinner at the Spotted Dog Cafe. Yummy! Tomorrow, it's an early start to Angel's Landing. We love you all.
Welcome to Zion National Park with a picnic lunch at Zion Lodge.

21 July 2017

Happy Birthday to Sam!
Down the hill from Sunrise Point to Peekaboo Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon, Peekaboo Loop Trail with Wooly our guide (last pic with Nathan on Stingray) and our horses Netty, Stumpy, Rusty, Dandy, and Stingray.

20 July 2017

Katie's view of Bryce Canyon.
Navajo Loop to Wallstreet
Welcome to Bryce! Queens Garden
Day two at Capitol Reef then Scenic Route 12 (Wow! Yikes!)

19 July 2017

Capitol Reef National Park
One more enormous hole in the ground (canyon), a star gazing ranger program, and then off to bed in our authentic Conestoga wagon with A/C, WiFi, and a breakfast buffet.
Our accommodations for the night were a surprise for the misses. I wish I had that recorded!
Driving to Capitol Reef. You might notice that not everyone wanted to get out of the car for the scenic views:-) But we did make it safe and sound. That was the Colorado River by the way.
Owachomo Bridge Trail, Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges Park
Sipapu Bridge Trail. National Bridges National Monument was a wonderful surprise. Plus we meet an awesome couple from Paris. As you can see at the end, everyone handles the challenge of a strenuous hike in their own way...
Hard to explain but we just drove straight up the side of a huge mesa on the way to Natural Bridges National Monument--breath taking! (Utah 261 North is the little road you see at the bottom.) But you still can't get those boys to put down their games... Ha, ha. Just kidding. I'm going to use this slide for a lecture I give on the hazards for kids of too much screen time.

18 July 2017

Lots of fun times including Katie's tribute Mr. Gump.
Ford Point and more.
Navajo Nation and Monument Valley
Quesadilla Mobilla, Monument Valley, and Sam petting a dragon.
Safely out and away. Plus mama and baby deer tracks:-)
Still stuck in the furnace!!!
Entering the fiery furnace:-)
Fiery Furnace - Arches National Park

17 July 2017

Canyonland National Park
Look closely to see the arch in the clouds. Nathan spotted that amazing surprise
Delicate arch and other fun times.

16 July 2017

A beautiful start to our trip:-)
Expedition (literally) to Moab.
Have lollipop and will travel. Safely landed at SLC
Sharing music and secrets while waiting on maintainance to clear our plane. Flying American.. hoping its not another cancelation.
Made it to Texas
Employee of the month!
On the way to the airport for our first flight