Cambodia, Thailand · 22 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

Sophie's journi to Thailand

6 April 2017

Chiang Mai (X Kingdom) - night market - dancing to live music at the Water Festival - cat cafe x2 - emma fiasco

30 March 2017

Pai (Common Grounds) - bus $4 / 4 hours - hostel quiz - water park in a lake - street food is amazing 😍 (sweet potato with pesto, fresh vegetable roll) - bar crawl / bum gun squirt, cat plotting murder, very spicy pad Thai, psycho Joey - shroom shakes - white Buddha - hour long foot massage - food party at hostel (fried chicken, maceroni cheese and lasagne, garlic mayo and amazing brownies) - tour of Pai / viewpoint, cave with bamboo rafts and bat pooped on Georgie, hot springs, waterfall and sunset at the Pai canyon - waterpark x2 - Israeli goodnight (falafel, chips, hummus, pitta) - Danny asked me on a date

28 March 2017

Chiang Mai (Hug Hostel) - drinks with Olivia (The Unirish bar is v. cute) - Happy Elephants Sanctuary / baby Milo and baby Mila - fed elephants pumpkins - played with elephants in lake - elephants played in mud - made our own Pho - night out to amazing French lebistrot restaurant (lasagne😍), oasis rooftop bar, Zoe yellow and then spicys

26 March 2017

Bangkok (Nornyai Hostel) / cutest hostel staff member with big glasses who was very startled when seeing me in a towel - boat ride - reclining Buddha - Wat Pho and Wat Aran - best curry ever at 'Queen of Curry' - Jim Thompsons house - McDonald's

19 March 2017

Koh Tao (Good Dreams Hostel) - bus and ferry $50 return / 14 hours - lazed on the beach - hippo grill for massive burgers and chips - fizz bar (cherry bomb cocktail) - paddle boarding and watching the sunset - Georgie got bitten by a crab on the shore - pub crawl (4 bars and Thai lady boy show) - had to match cards (chalk and cheese) - I was asked to do the lap dance by Asian rep - got too drunk and was v.sick bright orange Mirinda - boy who shouted in his sleep, old man who said he doesn't do acid anymore

16 March 2017

Bangkok (Everyday Hostel) - bus $13 / 8hrs / emma stole a fork, people were being rejected from the border and crying, we had to get 7 diff buses - western mall, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, Forever 21 and H&M - Koahsan road - vodka buckets, ate grasshopper head and scorpion tails - Laura made us Pad Thai - Chinatown street, temples across the river - went to dinner with Malte, German boy from our room