United Kingdom, Sri Lanka · 39 Days · 34 Moments · September 2017

Sophie's journi to Sri Lanka

23 October 2017

Woke to find various bugs in the tent and also to discover that we were visited by a monkey over night which had helped themselves to our apples. We spent the morning lazing by the river before "walking" up the river for a few hours this afternoon which in reality could be described as reverse canyoning.

22 October 2017

Travelled from Kandy to Kitulgala this morning where I reunited with family. Together we had a lazy afternoon spent by the river pools next to our hotel. Hosts cooked us a delicious dinner before sleeping in a cave tent

21 October 2017

Spent the morning exploring several religious sites in Kandy including St Paul's Church and various Devales. Wandered around the rest of the city and royal palace park before a final amble around the perimeter of Bogambara lake

20 October 2017

Morning train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy. Then spent the afternoon wandering around the lake and exploring the city

19 October 2017

Took a stunning train ride from Ella to Nuwara Eliya. Ascending into town the mist arrived. Walked up single tree hill before spending a rainy afternoon exploring the quaint 'little england'

18 October 2017

Had a morning tour of Newburgh tea factory before renting scooters and driving down to Rawana falls for a wild swim before an evening spent in a Sri Lankan cooking class

17 October 2017

Full day of hiking. First was Mini Adams Peak followed Ella Rock, the latter being a 4 hour round trip with some steep sections towards the end

16 October 2017

Arrived in Ella after 6 hours on a crowded bus. Visited Demodara nine arch bridge before enjoying a sunset view of the surrounding hills

15 October 2017

Next stop: Tangalle Arrived from Matara by bus and spent the day at Kudawela Hummamaya blowhole and enjoying one last day at the beach

14 October 2017

The start of solo travel, first stop: Matara. Checked into hostel in Polhena before cycling to Matara and then Dondra (southern most point of the island). Wandered around the forts in Matara and visited the Dondra lighthouse. All in all a 27km ride.

13 October 2017

Final day of project and a sad goodbye to the turtles.

12 October 2017

Penultimate day of turtle project before a final beach afternoon in Hikkaduwa

11 October 2017

Last turtle release before an evening at a local beach bar

10 October 2017

Played with the turtles for last few days of project. (Thought I would share a glimpse of the fish guts I handled on a daily basis)

8 October 2017

Took the bus to Hikkaduwa. Visited the unsurprisingly hard-hitting photo museum of the 2004 tsunami before a relaxing beach afternoon.

7 October 2017

Spent the day in Galle, wandering around the old fort and new town.

6 October 2017

3 weeks into project...

5 October 2017

National bank holiday today so all projects were cancelled. Instead we spent the morning playing a volleyball tournament followed by a paint fight (both in monsoon rain)

3 October 2017

Team games this evening with other volunteers after another day of turtle project

30 September 2017

Took the train down to Unawatuna bay for a beach weekend. Spent the day at Jungle Beach followed by an evening out.

29 September 2017

Half way point of volunteering: time flew by! Drinking coconuts this morning after feeding some turtles

28 September 2017

Evening out at beach side bar after another day of project

27 September 2017

Second turtle release

25 September 2017

Back to project work this morning followed by a lazy afternoon

24 September 2017

Another day, another beach: Unawatuna. First experience of the public buses

23 September 2017

Spent the day relaxing at Mirissa beach

21 September 2017


20 September 2017

Puppies at project site this morning and then first turtle release.

19 September 2017

Another day of project. Feeding, washing turtles etc.

18 September 2017

First day of project: feeding and cleaning the turtles. Spent the afternoon at Hikkaduwa beach p

17 September 2017

Orientation day. Visited blue moonstone mine and temple with the longest resting Buddha statue in Sri Lanka (118ft)

16 September 2017

Landed very early morning in Colombo and travelled to volunteer accommodation just outside Ambalangoda. Greeted with garlands of fresh flowers by host family. Had a lazy day waiting for other volunteers to arrive and fighting jet lag.

15 September 2017

Flew to Colombo (stop over in Bahrain)

14 September 2017

Packing, may have slightly overpacked...