Australia and Oceania, North America · 210 Days · 56 Moments · November 2017

Sophie 's Journi

14 June 2018

After 16 hours in the bus I finally arrived in Vancouver and catched up with Verena 😍 we also went to the Dr. Den Yut-Sun Chinese Gardens and had a guided tour around, walked along the seawall/Stanley park and enjoyed the first day of good weather (since I'm in Vancouver it was just raining) on Granville island 😊 I also catched up with other people I know from my first time in Vancouver which was really nice.

6 June 2018

Back to Field 😍 originally it was my plan to stay in Kelowna and head back to Vancouver some day but then I met this awesome canadian person, Dillon,/ I got to know him when I first was in Field and he invited me to his place and I couldn't say no cause Field is by far my favourite place in the rocky mountains! 😍 We had a pretty good time, enjoying the good and bad weather in the mountains and on the pond, walked around Emerald lake and Lake Louise and shared many laughs🌞

3 June 2018

The following week I stayed with my lovely Candian friend Cathy I got to know last year in Perth and she invited me over. We spent some nice days together doing hikes in the Mt. Knox park and around her house that has the most beautiful view over the lake!!, had a look at the father pandosy mission (first European settlement), I volunteered a day and night at her rotary club event and we had lots of nice talks😊😊

1 June 2018

Last stop KELOWNA/ Okanagan Region. It was a long drive (and exhausting as you can see😄) from Field to Kelwona but me made it in the late afternoon,strolled around the city and marina and had a great dinner. The next day Verena and Ela took the bus back to Vancouver, I checked in into the Kelowna Hostel and Jana went to her workaway place. I had amazing 2,5 weeks with amazing people, I will definetely gonna miss them!!

31 May 2018

Field/Yoho National Park - one of my favourite places!!❤ the lovely fireweed hostel (was more like a hotel and we had it all for ourselves), main attraction in Yoho: Emerald lake🏞 the colour is insane😍💚 in the evening we went to the one and only restaurant/pub in town and finally met some first nations/locals.💪

30 May 2018

Banff Village, Lake Minnewanka where we spent Jana's birthday, Johnston Canyon on our way through the Banff National Park, good vibes in the car and finally Yoho National Park and it's Wapta Falls (6-7) + Natural bridge (8-10) 🗻

25 May 2018

Next stop: Castle Mountain in the Banff National park. Over there we had our next wilderness hostel- but this time it was wilderness "light", i.e. we had toilets and showers but no wifi. Also very lovely, nice people, elks in front if the windows..🦌 during the day we went to Lake Louise (1-5) where we hiked up to another lake and the Teahouse. This is us btw (Ela,Jana, me & Verena). After that we went to the Moraine Lake which was even better cause the sun came out and the colour was even brighter. Unfortunately these two spots were very busy/touristy- until then we were very lucky cause the season didn't start already and we never met many people. The last pictures are the Hostel, me in the snow with the right clothes and the view along our evening walk😇🌲🌅

23 May 2018

The following night we slept the first time in a wilderness hostel; that means no electricity, no showers/proper toilets, no wifi etc.- but a beautiful location, a sauna + creek for cooling down/showering, mountains, bonfire, lovely people (especially the manager, he was really nice and told us stories/helped us with everything)- it was such a nice experience!! It was in Rampart creek btw, between Jasper and Banff. Unfortunately we stayed only one night. The next day we continued driving along the Icefield parkway and the Columbia Icefield (2,3),Bow lake (3-6) and Saskatchewan river crossing (7,8).
From Jasper village to our next Hostel in the National Park along the Icefield Parkway❄ we made a stop at the Athabasca falls (1-3) which goes over to the Athabasca river (4-6). We continued our Roadtrip and had lunch at a parking spot with a beautiful view (still the Athabasca river)

22 May 2018

Second day in Jasper NP: 1./.2. Medicine lake, 3. A mountain sheep that came straight to our car and we stopped the whole traffic cause we had to wait until it finished to sniff on our car😂 4./5./6. Maligne Canyon (unfortunately are all those glacier fed lakes to cold to go for a swim..). 7./8./9. In the late afternoon we did the Maligne Canyon trail 😊

21 May 2018

Some more moments from our lovely stay at the beaver lake homestead: 1. Pancakes for breakfast in the morning sun 2. Bonfire, marshmallows and the sun going down 3. Salmon and roasted veggies for dinner 🌞 after two amazing days we left Clearwater and headed to Jasper (Village and National Park) along Mt. Robson 4./5., 6. another beautiful lake and finally Jasper village (7./8.) It's cute there but not much going on-site basically just gift shops (we took it as a challenge to go in every single one 😂) and tourists.

20 May 2018

Day 2: Whistler to Clearwater 🚗💨 We had a little cottage near Clearwater for two days and it was so lovely. We even had our own lake and kayaks😍 and a bull right next to us to protect us from bears- here are many of them;we even saw one on our way to the so called Beaver Lake homestead🐾 the next day we drove to the Wells Gray Provincial Park and did some hikes to waterfalls (Helmcken-, Dawson-, Spahat- & Moal falls) we could even go behind the last waterfall!! We were completely wet and frozen but it was such a cool thing💪💦

18 May 2018

Roadtrip day 1☉From Vancouver we headed north to Squamish (1, just a little village in between mountains) and further to Whistler. It took us the whole day but the way was just amazing! In Whistler (Olympic Village 2010) we went for a short walk, had dinner and slept in beds where the Olympic participants slept a few years ago😛

12 May 2018

From Tofino to Nanaimo. Not very special after one week in beautiful Tofino but I met nice people, friends from Vancouver and the girls I do the Roadtrip with😊 together we took the ferry back to Van where our Airbnb was and spent 3 more days there🇨🇦

11 May 2018

Sunset watching with Johanna 🌅 the next day we made a hot spring tour; it's an 1,5h ride by boot through all the surrounding impressive! From the dock it was another 30 min walk to the hot springs- they were really hot!!- so we went for a dip in the ocean which was really cold haha. On our way back we saw sea lions and a WHALE!!🐳

7 May 2018

First day in Tofino. After a 7 hour ride with the bus I finally got there. Such a cute little village, even tho it's very hippie and touristy. My hostel is lovely, I got my own balcony, a huge bathroom with Sauna, oceanview etc- feels like a vacation on my vacation😅 here are some sneak peaks from the beaches close to my hostel🌊

6 May 2018

beautiful Victoria ☄ the parliament building at night, the water taxi, fisherman's ward, little Chinatown with the narrowest street, parliament building at daytime, southcoast, craigdorrgh castle. Everything is so lovely over here, I like it so much better than Vancouver🌞😊

5 May 2018

Goldstream Park🌳🌾 Walked through a rainforest along a Goldmine trail to this old train trestle. You could just stand on the edge and look 50m into the deep, really exciting. If you walk a bit further along the railway there is another smaller trestle, a tunnel and you got the view of the Satellite Channel🛤🏞

4 May 2018

Vancouver Island 😍 Travelling there by ferry was amazing and the island itself is even more stunning! On my first day/afternoon in Victoria I walked through the Beacon Hill Park (lovely!) down to the shore. The other pictures are from the harbour,parliament building & the empress hotel🏰

2 May 2018

Grouse Mountain🗻 went up with the gondola and had a beautiful view over the other mountains, Vancouver and the ocean. Skiing season is almost over so I just went for a walk through the snow along cliffs, the pet- grizzly bears and warmed myself with a hot chocolate ☕ when I wanted to go down again it was like minimum 2 hours waiting time for the next gondola so I decided to hike down ( can't remember the last time my legs shaking like this when I arrived at the bottom. And my muscles were sour for 4 days😂)

30 April 2018

Biking around the Stanley Park, UBC campus (University of British Columbia), MOA (Museum of Anthropology), Gastown with the steam clock (oldest settlement in Vancouver, really cute) and beaver bar😊
Lynn Canyon & rice lake trail + the most northern park of the Stanley Park/viewing point 😊

27 April 2018

Quarry Rock hike & Lynn Canyon walk + suspension bridge. The forests over here are so incredible green and mossy- and it's just starting to get spring/green😍🌲🌳🍃

25 April 2018

Streets of Van, my cute belgium girl, Lighthouse Park🌻🌞💛
Vancouver 🍁 Davie St, the laughing statues & English Bay, Waterfront of Stanley Park, inside the Stanley Park and the Lost Lagoon, Waterfront again with the beautiful view of the mountains 🏞🌈

24 April 2018

First days in Vancouver 🍁 just getting spring over here so the weather is actually better than expected and all the magnolia & cherry blossoms are blooming🌸 the first picture is the view just from the waterfront, the following are from Granville island where I made a guided tour and spent some nice hours strolling over the food market and made a new friend (the falcon and guard of the jetty) 😂 the painted towers are called the 'Giants'👬👬

22 April 2018

LAST DAYS ON HAWAII.. One highlight on Hawaii are the haiku stairs/stairway to heaven- an old military way up to the top of a mountain where an important radar station was located back in the days. Going up the stairs is illegal cause it's government property and they haven't maintenanced it since 1960 or so. That's why we tried to get there via the back trail which is even more dangerous and way longer. The Uber driver told us on our way to the start of the walk that already many many people died on this track- very motivating haha Anyways cause it rained the last few months and unfortunately on this day too we had to return because it's just too dangerous. The way became steeper and steeper and the ground was very muddy- the rain didn't help. So instead if going to the stairs we spend our day at the beach where it was sunny again🌞

20 April 2018

Climbing up Koko Head Crater via an old railway.⛰ Probably the most exhausting thing I've done the past 6 months 😅 but it was definetely worth it, the view is incredible! The lookout was a military bunker station during World War. A railway was created to haul cargo and supplies up to the top. After Koko Head we went to Hanauma Bay, very beautiful and good for snorkeling🐠🐚🐙🐡🐟

19 April 2018

Sunset at Waikiki Beach🌅 Trail to the Manoa Falls🌴🌳 Valley of Temples (Cemetery) and the Byodo-In temple🏯 Kailua Beach (my fav so far!!) 🌊🏖 Another stunning sunset at Waikiki Beach😍

16 April 2018

First days on Oahu/Hawaii🌸🌞🌴 After a long flight and some troubles at the airport I finally arrived in Honolulu. I spent my first days at Waikiki Beach enjoying the sun and learned surfing🏄 on the following pictures you can see the view from Diamond Head- a crater nearby. Yesterday I went to the North Shore for some snorkeling and cliff jumping at Sharks Cove🦈 (despite the name there are no sharks) and had "Hawaii's best fish tacos" for Dinner. Really yummi!! I'm really lucky with the weather- it rained a lot the past weeks- now it's sunny and hot every day. Sometimes a bit cloudy, still warm tho🌞

14 April 2018

Sydney vibes🌞😍 Bondi beach, grounds of Alexandria, opera house from the inside & between the "sails"- honestly I'm so happy to be here! Such an amazing place🌊

6 April 2018

First weekend in Sydney and already in love with this city😍 picture 1-3: Opera house, harbour bridge & skyline; 4-5: Chinese garden of friendship; 6-8: walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach🌊 the weather is amazing and so do I feel🌞

5 April 2018

I'm gonna miss this family like crazy!- same as playing tennis with them, hopping in the pool after tea, feeding the kitten,enjoying the beautiful sunsets and spending quality time with the kids❤ these two month went definetely too fast & saying goodbye will be hard but I'm also exited to travel again and see new places🌍 next stop: Sydney🛫

22 March 2018

Only 2 weeks left on the farm, the time flies and I start to get really sad about leaving. My past few weeks have been very adventurous, beside driving this huge tractor I also had some quality time with the pet sheep daisy and Lucy,feeding the 80 calfs and went back to Melbourne for the Ed Sheeran concert😍

25 February 2018

Seit knapp 1 Monat habe ich einen Job auf einer Dairyfarm 3 Std von Melbourne entfernt. Hier wohne ich bei einer Familie mit 4 Kindern, auf die ich aufpasse, den Haushalt mache und ab und zu die 350 Kühe melke. 🐄 -also fast wie zuhause, nur ein bisschen größer und chaotischer 😀 Wenn ich gerade mal nichts zu tun habe, was selten der Fall ist😂, spiele ich mit den Kleinen Tennis oder genieße das schöne Wetter am Pool oder in der Hängematte. Auf den Fotos die Kinder Teagan, Zoe und Jed, Gesellschaft im Pool von einer Spinne, das australische Nationalgetränk und die Aussicht vom "Pyramid Hill", nachdem auch die Stadt benannt ist. Yep, ich bin mitten im nirgendwo.. Alles in allem gefällt es mir super hier; nette Familie, nettes Haus, nettes Wetter...😊🌞

24 February 2018

Day trip to Echuca (located in northern Victoria on the Murray River). The historic Port of Echuca was Australia’s largest inland port by the 1870s. Today Echuca retains the largest paddle-steamer fleet in the country. I made a guided tour around the historic side which was really interesting, a paddle steamer tour and went to the museum. Such a great day even though it was 40°C 🚣🌞

27 January 2018

The last 2 days we spent on Bruny Island😍 one big advantage of Tasmania is that you are allowed to do wildcamping, so we always had the greatest camping spots like here directly at the beach🌞 In this time we were doing nice (and exhausting) walks in almost 40° without any shade- so we had to recover in the ocean for the rest of the day😅. Unfortunately it was raining the other day so we weren't possible to do everything we wanted but still saw some nice things, for example the Neck (connects the northern and southern part of the island) or the fluted cape🏞 Back in Hobart we drove on top of Mt. Wellington where we planned to stay overnight but it was so cold we went back to the bottom. In this night we had -3°C and snow- I think you can image how it felt after 2 weeks of sunshine😥

24 January 2018

From the west coast down south to the Montezuma falls, Lake St. Clair (southern point of the cradle mountain valley), Gordon Dam, Russel falls and back to Hobart (capital city). In the botanical garden there was a section where you could eat & takeaway all kind of self grown fruits and vegetables..soo delicious😋🍒🍇🥕

21 January 2018

After one week in the nature we went to one of the "big" cities in Tasmania: Launceston. There was a nice City Park as well as a beautiful Gorge near the Centre where we took a swim after doing the walking track. In the evening we walked to & around Tamar Island, enjoying the sunset above the water reserve and wild plums. The Next day we headed off to Devonport, but it wasn't that special so we only did some grocery shopping and drove further to the Nut- our last stop at the north coast. From the Nut inlands to the Cradle Mountain Valley where we climbed almost to the tip of cradle mountain and enjoyed the view over the whole valley and it's crater lakes. Next stop: west coast - Strahan and henty dunes. Our first (almost) WARM showers since 2 weeks 😅

19 January 2018

Tasmania 🌍 I was travelling around Tasmania with 4 other girls the last two weeks and it was amazing! We rented a Campervan (1) with a rooftop tent and had a great time exploring the island with all those different landscapes🏔🏞🏖🏕🌅 Our trip started in the Tasman National Park (remarkable cave, 2&3), up the east coast to Cape Hauy (4&5), Freycinet NP (Wineglass Bay/Hazards Beach,6) 'til the Bay of Fires (7). In the North of Tassie we swam in the Little Blue Lake (8) and had delicious lavender ice cream at Bridestowe lavender Estate (Australia's oldest & largest lavender farm) 🏵

14 January 2018

NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) & AC/DC Lane ☇

6 January 2018

Melbourne Vibes🌞🌈🌇 Shrine of Remembrance / Royal Bontanic Gardens / St. Kilda Beach/ Hostel-life (playing UNO & trivial pursuit all day) / Port Melbourne Beach / Queen Victoria Night Market 😊 had a great time here, especially in the Hostel with all those great people 🤗

24 December 2017

Arrived in Melbourne on the 19th of december. Prepared everything for Christmas the following days & spent a wonderful Christmas Eve with the whole Australian family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🎄🎁 I got a helicopter flight for xmas, so exiting- even though it was very cloudy 🚁☁😍 on the 28th we went to Sorrento ( a village 1h south of Melb on Port Phillip Bay) 'til the 2nd of January. Sorrento is bordered by Sorrento Front Beach (the "calm" beach) and Sorrento Back Beach, with its heavy ocean surf. So going for a walk or swim was pretty much everything we've done beneath quality time with the family.🏖🏄 The last 3 pictures are taken in the Mornington Peninsula/ Point Nepean NP. Point Nepean marks the southern part of The Rip (entrance to Port Philip) and was an important defence and quarantine station during the World Wars.

18 December 2017

Apollo Bay & Otway National Park
Great Ocean Road 🌊

14 December 2017

Coober Pedy 💎 One of my favorite things; it's the opal capital of the world. Because of the heat most of the people live underground- and so did we😍 We spent our time here visiting an opal Mine & museum, underground churches, the breakaways & enjoyed the sunset on the rooftop of our Hotel🌅

13 December 2017

From Kings Canyon to Yulara (Uluru & The Olgas) Unfortunately most of the walks were closed again (because of the high temperature) But we had a very interesting guided tour around a part of the rock (pic. 1-6) and a short but good walk in the Olgas🌄

11 December 2017

From Alice Springs to Kings Canyon (on a 4 WD gravel road) Unfortunately we weren't able to do the main walk around and across the Canyon because they close the walks when the temperature is above 36°.. But we cold do another shorter walk to the top and the southern part of the cliff⛰

9 December 2017

Alice Springs/ West McDonnell Ranges 1. On our way to Alice Springs: Devils Marbles 2. went to the Royal Flying Doctor Services Museum, Women's Hall of Fame & the Old Telegraph Station (picture) 3. West McDonnell Ranges: 4./5./6. Ormiston Gorge + Lookout 7. Ochre pits (material for aboriginal body paint and medicine) 8./9. Ellery Creek Waterhole ( freezing cold!!) 10. Simpson's Gap

7 December 2017

Roadtrip Kununurra 🔜 Melbourne Day 1 + 2 : Katherine, Katherine Hot springs and Katherine Gorge (boatstour) Day 2: next stop in Mataranka, went to the Thermal Pool & the bitter springs Day 3: off to Remnant Creek, an old gold mining centre in Australia; visited the Battery Hill Mining Centre & enjoyed the sunset from ANZAC-Hill 😊🌄🚗

5 December 2017

Kununurra vibes 🌞

24 November 2017

Went to the Swan Valley on Friday where we tasted lots of wine, chocolate and more wine🍷continued drinking alcohol/ cocktails at the Christmas Party at my cousins house🤣- had a great weekend🌞🍸🎉 Spent my last day in Fremantle ➡🚉 Cottesloe Beach ➡🚗 along the coast to the northern part of Perth🌊🌞🤗 In the evening we went to the movies- outdoor cinema!!😍😍 and enjoyed the view over the City from Kings Park🌃

21 November 2017

Day trip to Rottnest Island🌞🏝🌊

20 November 2017

Some impressions of Perth 🌇

19 November 2017

Sunday, 19.11 Cycled around the Canning river this morning (Pic 1). For lunch we went to Fremantle (3,4) and after that we had a swim & some nice hours in the sun at Cottesloe beach🌞🌊👙

17 November 2017

First day in Perth🌞 Went to the Centre by Bike; spent some beautiful hours in the City (Pic. 1-2) and the Kings Park & Botanic Garden (3-8). On my way back the sun went down🌅🚲