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Uganda/Netherlands 2016

22 July 2016

So Im back... Throughout the trip there were times when I really wanted to go home. To see friends, family and familiar things. But now, being home and reflecting on all of the amazing people and places I have met and seen, all I want to do is go back! One month may have seemed like a long time to go, but it truly wasn't long enough! Until next time... One trip down. Hopefully many, many more to come 😄 Uganda--Netherlands 2016

20 July 2016

14 July 2016

13 July 2016

11 July 2016

9 July 2016

8 July 2016


4 July 2016

24 June 2016

Fun fact: Ugandans like chris brown and iggy (😬)

23 June 2016

I have little to no service here/ no wifi so im using my data (gotta make this quick! Today i visited the university in Makarere, went to the Anglican church is Nabarumbe, the mosque in Old kampala and walked around Wakiso and visited the Sanyu Babies home. Everyone stares at me because im a "mzungu" 👍 and some kids randomly came up to me and gave me hugs and laughs and smiles. Kampala is beautiful! I already know leaving is going to be too hard! Tomorrow im meeting David's baby and other children-- SO EXCITED-- and then im leaving for the village Saturday-- EVEN MORE EXCITED!!
The mosque
Day 1
Boda boda we used after breaking down

22 June 2016

Joyce and david during the breakdown
So many fanny-packs...
Just a few things: 1. Tia Silvia loves alcohol! (Proof:" We were at a bar" "so we went to this bar" "the coolest bar" "bar crawl" "great selection at the bar". Also she gets excited about anything and everything and "only gets nervous about two things: warmth and food!" 2. Christian and his girlfriend Mica are the COOLEST! 3. Andrea 100% has the Detweiler genes 😄 4. Uncle Bill is a skinnier version of dad 5. Dutch graffiti. I can dig it.
Christian and Mica's house (super cute!)
6hrs later...
Time on this plane seems to be moving slower than usual... Every time i look at the clock, no more than 25 minutes have passed. Is it always like this?
New seat next to my dutch dj friend
"Pasta or beef?"
Super awkward conversation: Guy= G Me= M G: (heavily accented to the point where i could barely understand anything) "where are you going" M: (unsure of what he said) "im sorry? Where am i going? Amsterdam?" G: "what do you do" M: "what? Like career-wise? Uh I'm a student?" G: "service? Graduation? Ambition?" M: "lol what? Sorry. My ambition? I dont know" (At this point he's giving me all kinds of weird looks but not once has he looked me in the eyes) G: "why are you going" M: "im a student, i have family in Amsterdam so i'm visiting them." (*tries to change the subject; maybe understand him better*) "What do you do?" G: "I'm a pastor." M: "oh, okay, cool" G: "you know what this is?" M: "yes" G: "how u know this. How u know this" M: (not knowing how to answer...) "pastor like church?" G: "yes how u know this. U go?" M: "to church? Sometimes" G: "how u know it?" M: (having no idea how to answer) *lets the conversation awkwardly fizzle out and he quickly dozes off*

21 June 2016

Spent the day with Tia Sylvia. She picked me up (i was the late one for a change) and we went on the train to go home. She was hungry so we stopped at an Italian restaurant called Bocconi. Then we walked around Leiden. Super cool "little gem." Later we went home and i slept, showered then we met up with christian and his girlfriend. We went to a bar got some drinks then went to roots for dinner. Eventually Andrea showed up, then uncle Bill. We ate, talked then went for gelato and walked to Christians apartment and i said my goodbyes to everyone.
"Late nights, red eyes" --Zayn Malik
Accurate 👍
Note to self: Don't bring mom anywhere Mom: *takes pictures* TSA agents: "no pictures ma'am" Mom: *continues, stronger than ever* Me and TSA agents at the same time: "NO PICTURES! jesus christ" 😂😂
When u see Rita Ora at the security check point and you try to get a pic, but...😬