Singapore · 1 Days · 6 Moments · June 2016

Sophia's odyssey through Singapore

10 June 2016

The 'cause of my misery 😣
NIGHTMARE AT CHANGI This place is huge !! We needed to get a day pass for the MRT, so asked the girl, where's the ticket booth, she said "oh it's close, less than 5 minutes walking. Just walk down to the end of the building and ask there" Well first of all, it's nothing but close. Second, it's not located in the same building.. After many lifts and escalators and travelators, and some misguided directions, I found the ticket booth. Got the day pass, and my worst nightmare began. I can't find my way back! 😨😣😭
Found this guy on the Tarmac .. One day I'll go to New Zealand 😇
Welcome to Singapore 🙂
Early morning in Surabaya. That's my plane ✈️ 😊

9 June 2016

Getting ready ... Still so much to prepare.. Nervous but excited 😊