Australia · 2 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

Soosun's voyage in Beechworth, VIC, Australia

18 January 2018

Woolshed Waterfall & Lake Sambell reservoir We were planning to play in the waterfall, but the water seemed murky and not clean. So we headed off to Lake Sambell and James &Kids enjoyed playing in the lake. I can't work out how the water is supplied for drinking to the public from this lake.
Beechworth Prisoner's Gaol It had been operated till 2004 and now it's owned by a few family and opened to public. I can't imagine how prisoners had tough time while they stayed there! All the atmosphere was terrible for them to stay. I guess that's what the jail was for, anyway. James looked more terrified than Sol and Ari :)

17 January 2018

Bridge Road Brewers Excellent beer peddles and a beef burger with potato salad were unforgettable. There was a little play area for kids to roll around.