United States of America · 27 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

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14 August 2017

Don't these look good??😂 Me and Parker made them. YUMMY.

13 August 2017

Me and my cousins goofing around. We had an awesome time on my grandpas 80th birthday and we even got to ride and drive our own boat to dinner. And we made up a song: bwenty bor baren bagic bin be bearrrrrrr ( twenty four caren magic in the airrrrrr)
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7 August 2017

This was SO MUCH fun! Me and my cousin did an " olympics" where we came up with events ( diving, SUP, golf gymnastics trampoline and running) and we even did a triathlon!!!!!☺ we even saw a AWESOME rainbow!!

4 August 2017

Went hiking with my cuz today! SO fun.😂

25 July 2017

Look at these AWESOME pic my cousin Annika took!!

19 July 2017

Went hiking with my OTHER cousin Tyler today! Took LOTS of artsy pics on top of cascade and Porter. Perfect place to do them, of course!