United States of America · 9 Days · 19 Moments · June 2017

Hawa maauiiiii oiwiwiwiwiwiwi

3 July 2017

Coming back home...:) we checked out from this home away from home after good 8 nights... On the 9th day this city felt like we are living here forever. As Shubham says he is steady to go back.... That's another way to say... Had a good vacation and we are ready to dive back into work. Whwre as I would say I can live here forever... I loved it more than kuai probably because we had more time here... But July is hot. Which really melted my husband. Too much humidity for him. Be is really a cali boy now. :) had quick brunch at the golf course in a cafe called the Cafe on the dunes. Nice view.very windy. Bye bye windy muai. You were very relaxing. Much needed. Mahalo until we see u again.

2 July 2017

Some touristy stuff. :) shopping for the broken Mahalo board for Paul's house. And few gifts for back home... Shubham was chilling at home while I was still out. Don't wanna waste a single minute being inside when I am in maui. Wearing the lovely necklace my mum got me from ladakh in the Himalayas. :)
Snorkeling...... Yes... My favorite activity. The one that allowes me to cheat the ocean and swim as if I am a pro. Loved the experience of going to the molokini crater with pacific whale foundation. We woke at 6am. Checking in 7 am... Ship departed to the crater and allowed all of us to Njoy the coral reef and fish on the molokini for an hour. The gear the breakfast lunch unlimited drinks all was covered for. Really great experience about info sessions about all the islands in maui. Snorkeling 101 class and pwf relief and reserch activities towards ocean life. Proud to say that Shubham and I adopted a whale. We adopted Oscar. Now we will get information on how Oscar is doing whenever she will be sighted. Lived the experience. It dsnt end there. The second part of the trip was to Snorkel in the turtle town.... This was a Lil difficult as they stopped the ship a Lil further away from the place where the Reef and the turtles were. So this meant more swimming.... More effort.

1 July 2017

Th coconuts fish Cafe was one of the very very restaurants where we really liked the food. The fish was super fresh and their recepies were perfectly done. Please do try the fiery fries basket. It was full of herbs and interesting spices. Too much fries eating has happened on this trip. All goes well with the fish...
The stop by at the big beach. Super clear water. Too many people. Too high tides...must do for a fun beach day. We will come here again Tmrw with some paddle boarding fun.

30 June 2017

The Lahaina banyan tree day. We sat through an interesting sales presentation which I will never forget. What a debauchery. They were are out lives to become members for some travel agency where we could get access to cheap hotels stays. Any way we're there for a good lunch at the beach and get some dicoungs for the Snorkeling trip we have on Sunday. Took some nice pics and had amazing lunch at the cheeseburger place overlooking the sea. The main tai and mango lemonade was must try. The Lahaina town is good place to hang out with bunch of places to eat and Njoy.

29 June 2017

This trip has been all about waking up early and hitting the road. Yet another day of one an half drive on top of mountain to find heaven at 3am. We are here at the haleakala sunrise. We woke up at 3 to view the sunrise at the top of the volcano. It ws pitch dark Amazing drive and worth the pics. On top of the world. Above the clouds we were there to vitness the sunrise. Sadly after crazy windy twenty min every one realized that black clouds will take a while to clear up the view. We waited for an hour... But sadly...Though we are the very few of the folks who got a nice shot of the sun.. Right before the clouds took over again. The freezing cold experience was all worth that shot. Complete sunrise may be next time.half of the people there were shocked how Shubham could be in shorts and t shirt....And not feel cold.

28 June 2017

Right before the pic town starts... There is view point which gives great look at the ocean... And is super windy. And must last stop before the road to Hana ends.
The pipiwai trek... At the end of road to Hana... One enters the haleakala national park once again... But from the other side. This trek is must do... We both we super tired of the drive yet this hike was worth all.the time we spent driving for it. An 800ft tall waterfall at the end of 3.6 mile hike. The interacting part was that the hike had seven sacred pools and was though a dense bamboo forest. I had never walked in the forest before. We were literally walking on the roots of the trees. It was so dense that t some places there was no sunlight. What was best was the bath under the waterfall.. I always wanted to do it..Just washed away all the tiredness
My evening sunset. The beach near our airbnb place is o pretty every eve the sunset is not be missed. While Shubham was enjoying his lone time watching show at the TV. I was walking the sunset....
My most favorite part of the trip till now....the road to Hana..... It was out of the world the greenery was sooo breathtaking. I thought highway California 101 was beutifull.. Then this is so much more than that. Greenery.. Waterfalls... All possible kind of trees.... Windy roads.. Nice drive... Ocean views... Wind... Cool breeze.. Breathtaking lookout points. Everything. It was the most beutifull drive I have ever hone for... We left out place at 7.30 and reached Hana at 😘10.30 non stop we did not stop anywhere... Just kept taking in all while driving... This was because out aim was to do the hike at the end of road to Hana.....
Coffee at the Anthony's is what we stopped for before starting our Hana trip. Worth it. Had amazing muffins and packed a lunch for the picnic that we had planned after the hike.

27 June 2017

Hike on halakela volcano. One of the most interesting drives and hikes. Black mountain volcano at an height of 10k feet. We drove early morning in order to witness the sunrise but sadly we had already missed it. It was super cold and windy thag I had to literally cover myself in all the beach towels we had from the previous day. We hiked to the creator mouth. It was 2mile hike and Shubham and I played the new actor movie game all through out. It's was a magnificent sight with lava flow and craters mouth at the end of the hike. We were literally on the top of the world on a mountain as if in the sky.

26 June 2017

Lunch at the small Lahaina old town downtown. The ocean facing lunch was a perfect setting for both us to chill and enjoy our drinks. We changed literally on the road from our swimsuits to the presentable outfit to feel all special and ready for the lunch. Beutifull view with good food a must go to place if one is around.
Lets call it a beach day. We drove all the way up to the kaanapali beach town and njoyed riding the tides and soaked some skin in the sun. Read excerpts out of each other's reading lists. Missed beer.but diet coke was good replacement. Paul's home is very well equipped with all the beach gear. We learnt and mastered the body board riding today.super fun and relaxing four hours on this west maui beach.
Yoga on the beach. Just out side of the house. Windmills on the mountains and cool breeze in my air. Welcoming the day with suryanamaskars
Good morning maui. Woke up to amazing smoothie and overload of greenery.

25 June 2017

Its hot!we checked in to a pretty air bnb today. Lovely place. It's actually my office mates home. Really preety patio and living room. We loved the whole feel of the house and how the trees covered the balcony completely. Travel and the heat totally spent us. We ate a average brunch place called the three chefs. Salmon was fresh and rest was average. My husband was so zapped with all the heat and missing AC that we needed convert our airbnb loft into a topical cooler. We spent the whole afternoon just sleeping and recovering from the heat. Evening was preety though. We walked to the beach and looked at the sun ho down. Followed by fantastic Indian dinner. We have all the groceries now for the rest of the trip keep the smoothies coming in.
We had a bit of a bumpy start to say. I Forgot My ID. I had to run back from the security. Left my wallet om the centre table and just walked out of the house talking on the the phone. Blah. But we made it....!!! Aloha maui we are coming....