United States of America · 5 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

May long weekend 2017 Maryland homecoming

30 May 2017

Heading back home. Was able to resolve last night the issue i was trying to. So proud and happy i was able to. Was able live today happily and no worries. Met nitya. It was unreal. She is struggling to have visa issues covered. Really think she is a strong and smart women and I wish she visits us soon in California.

29 May 2017

And she takes me to DC. Her favorite places . U st and 14st in dc is her favorite place where she hangs out. I enjoyed the burmese noodles at the noodles dc and payaalla i dont know how we spell it. The Spanish dish with sangrias at Barcelona. Loved the time we spent here talking about life men career and future :)
We were still not done with the love or summer day pool. We woke up to more chit chatting and chilling at pool all day. :) thanks to nish she made me inhale happiness that Cudnt stop laughing and then slept like a baby in the sun while she looked for a ice place to eat at.

28 May 2017

This couple and best crab cake ever. Nicolas took too baltimore and we had the best carb cake place. This guy was so sweet and such a good freind. Made us have good day took us to his gym which wa slice faaantastic. I was actually dreaming about it. Classy and had everything. Huge. We chilled around in the hot tub.. Swimming. Took and nice shower hot dressed and went to the the amazing crab cake restaurant. We all looked good and laughed our hearts out. I will never able to thank him enough for the amazing brownies he made for us.
The brunch at bethesta. My favorite downtown as we've always come here. Went to intresting farm to market place where.. We ate our favorite egg benedict and hueves Ranchero lovely drinks. The server wa sweet to take first round on herself. Silver diner :) it was also raining heavily outside. Reminded me of Indian monsoons
The rock Creek park experience was most refreshing one. We went on this trail where it was green as he'll. We talked and we talked. So green that I would die here. :) never knew Maryland was sooo green and beutifull

27 May 2017

Nish cooked like The best food possible and I tried to relax after a nap. We watched the hasan minaj Next fix special talk a Lil more and slept on time :)
Nish came to pick me up. Super dead i was... As I dint sleep and now i was meeting my sweetheart with no energy. I had not slept because I was continuously thinking about resolution of the issue in my mind. But meeting her and talking was such a heart warming experience. She took my first to sundari by nature in lotte plaza and we had chole bhature

26 May 2017

Partied all night with the gang. This was unreal after ages i met them. May be like after 5yers after j graduated i met the gang. With drinking dancing hukka.. Karaoke. But this time in thier new new houses... Amazing townhousr the couples have bought which we Californians would always be so jealous of. We discussed married life's children the reason to have children and what not. It was great party night and I'm no time it was 7.60am just like old times.
Started my jouni on that San Francisco airport worrying about the debug code that I was still not able to solve. Left work early with mind still not set for vacation mode. Worked all through the flight to debug the issue. And left the plane happy as I was able to rootcause the bugger. Big day. My first resolution