Sri Lanka · 6 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Sofia's adventure in Sri Lanka

23 July 2017

21 July 2017

We went to the turtle hatchery today and saw 1 day old turtles that just hatched, who were saved from poachers when they were left on the beach as eggs. They will continue to grow and will be released into the sea in a few months time. There were also big turtles that for caught up in boat propellers that had their limbs or shells broken and thus they are unable to swim. The place rehabilitates them in the small hospital to ensure that they learn how to swim again.

20 July 2017

Beautiful sunset at the sea. So gorgeous to see the sun setting. For once the sea wasn't too rough and we got a chance to swim. The water was really salty but it was a great chance to swim and I really enjoyed it. After being to the Tsunami Museum and seeing the photos of sea it made me really think back about how destructive the Tsunami was. The water got drawn in so far that you could walk on land half of the water cover seen on the picture. But back to the day, it does get dark really quickly, that picture is only taken at 6.24pm so we had to get out of the sea and went for dinner. We ordered Sri Lankan Rice and Curry and the got that big choice of food seen on the table. (We were right on the beach but can't see because it was dark already by 7pm.
Today we went to the Tsunami Photo Museum. It had a collection of photos, phrases and recollections of people about what had happened on the 26th December 2004, day of the Tsunami. It was the biggest shock to many families and too away lives of innocent people. Seeing how the destruction of the sea did not stop people living their lives and they built up everything again.

19 July 2017

What a great day learning how to cook Sri Lankan food! We made roti and a salmon curry, followed by coconut pancakes. It was amazing and really tasty food! The coconut machine is soooo cool, I really enjoyed seeing how to make coconut so fine cut. It was a big highlight of the day for me making the food. The lady's who taught are just the best and so lovely to work with. Looking forward to making new food again next week! Also finally got to experience tropical rain! We also saw bananas and papaya and coconuts growing in the wonderful garden.

18 July 2017

First day at this lovely little place. Learnt a lot of Sinhala today and now sitting and revising it. The handwriting is very beautiful, and so lucky we got a lovely lady to teach in to us :)
Food tastes great. Really interesting to try the way they use spices in their food. Also amazing to have breakfast, lunch and dinner right by the sea at fairly low prices. I also order Lassi everywhere I go because it's a great chance to try it here.

17 July 2017

First Day in Sri Lanka. Lovely food, great Lassi and milkshakes