Oman · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Sofia's adventure in Muscat, Muscat Governora

16 July 2017

Dinner and Evening Oman. After enquiring many times about local traditional food, the taxi driver finally gave us an answer about Omani food. He took us to this restaurant where we sat on the floor to eat. The dish we got was bread with the chicken mixed in together in some sauce. It tasted really good. After that we saw a bit more of night Muscat and stayed at the beach for a while until our flight. It was such a lovely day and got to see most of Muscat. It seems like a big city but it is very much disjointed by the surrounding mountains. What really grabbed my attention though was how much the people were proud of their country. The whole city was really clean and there were many workers in uniforms along the streets cleaning and looking after the grass. A great day trip out.
There are so many beautiful buildings in Muscat. We got to see the big Opera House which was a really beautiful. The views are spectacular and we were really lucky to have met such a lovely taxi driver to show us around the area.
Got a Special Treat by the local taxi driver to some fresh coconut water. He was such a lovely man and showed us around the whole of Muscat as a personal tour guide. He is so proud of his country and it is lovely to see such people. We spoke about many topical, including politics. It was sad to see that he feels that even whilst in their own country, people fear the local Muslims following the terrorist attacks. He also made some homemade tea and we drank it on top of the mountains with a lovely view of the Arabian Sea.
The Sultan's palace what a beautiful place. Everything is so clean and well looked after. The other buildings are the Parliament buildings which are equally as beautiful. All the workers seem to wear the same smart uniform.
We arrived at 8am and it was already +32°, so by the time we walked to that fountain all I wanted was to jump into it, luckily there is the sea nearby so just went to that beach instead. But it was a flight layover so didn't have any clothes to go swimming in.