Singapore, Vietnam · 9 Days · 84 Moments · June 2018

So Pho of Bun Chas

17 June 2018

Till next time, Vietnam!
The Alley // Delicious deeroica brown sugar bubble milk tea! Gonna miss this so bad
Bun Cha Ta // Second best meal of this trip, just after 4Ps! Super love the grilled meat in sweet warm soup

16 June 2018

Pho Thin // Tasty; unPHOgettable
Fruity Fact
Royal Tea // The only time when cheese and tea makes sense. Highly recommend cheese black royal and cheese rose oolong!
Pizza 4Ps // Mushroom truffle burrata (highly recommended) x Margarita + Miso cream salmon x Salmon Sashimi (both highly recommended too)
When streets are closed off for human traffic
The Note Coffee
Bun Rieu Cha // Crab and tomato broth noodles. Not my kinda thing, but Candice loves it

15 June 2018

Luxury cruise with Ordinary Explorers to Ha Long Bay was great! Fun filled day packed with activities from morning to evening. A liner bus that picked us up from 7am, then transferred onto Estella Cruise for our ride to Ha Long. We had lunch, bamboo boat ride (or kayak for the adventurous), dip in the bay, spring roll making lesson, visit to the fish farms; and ended the day with an afternoon tea break. We had fun!!
Rock the world
Hello Ha Long
Spring roll making class, obviously I have no talent in making spring rolls
Cave exploration bamboo boat ride
All aboard Estella Cruise!
Lunch is served on board!
Luxury travel with Original Explorer to Ha Long Bay!
Breakfast from Babylon Garden Hotel!

14 June 2018

Pizza 4Ps // BEST PIZZA. The duck with blue cheese stood out for me. And also the burrata one🤪
Always Cafe // Harry Potter experience with Butterbeer
Thang Long // When the weather is just too hot
Yoga around the world
The Alley // The brown sugar bubble tea with pearls is the bomb.
The most famous Bun Cha in Hanoi because Obama visited and sat there for delicious Bun Cha!
Checked into Babylon Garden Hotel and Spa for the remaining nights in Hanoi! Back to high SES life🤣 Story of why we changed to a hotel: Our Airbnb was so bad we didn’t sleep well the first night cos of the bad sewage system - had to bear with the drainage stink the whole night, which was made worse by showering and/or heavy rain😫😫😫 Hence we immediately booked with Babylon and cancelled our remaining nights at the Airbnb. We were also awoken rudely by the foul smell the next day morning😫

13 June 2018

Supper: Chicken Pho, Maggie, Fried Pork and Gongcha🤪
Checked into our Airbnb at Hanoi’s Old Quarter! Side story: we didn’t stay for more than a night. The sewage system was just too bad🤦🏻‍♀️
Quick lunch at Little Sapa before heading back to Hanoi!
Cong Caphe // Delicious coconut milk with coffee

11 June 2018

How high SES life looks like
Thank you Chi for the awesome 2D1N!
Candice got this brilliant idea of using rose petals to form our clique name #puichais
Little Sapa Restaurant // Grilled fish with dill and crispy fried rice noodles are the highlight!
Tung Ahn // Leg and shoulder massage🤪🤪🤪 1hour for 150,000 VND. And because I wore tights, I have to change into their skirt!
Tea break!
Tea break at Aira Boutique which serves great earl grey tea!
Aira Boutique Hotel // The start of our high SES life🤣🤣🤣 Checked into the most luxurious room (deluxe family room) in Aira🤣 and there’s also complimentary tea break with one of the best earl grey tea latte🤪
Sights from today’s trek!
We ended our tour with a lunch at our local guide, Chi’s house!
Home cooked food by Chi!
Almost reaching the end of our 2D1N trek. I see hope!!!
Look what we have to cover to get across from one village to another
Life in Sapa
Visited a waterfall along the trek
Breakfast // Crepe with banana and honey🤪
Funniest thing happened this morning, when deli’s visibility of me is 10% so she thought I was sleeping but my visibility of her is 90% so I could see her every action🤣 blame the sunlight!

10 June 2018

Zao’s Homestay // Climbed like mad to get to this place but it’s awesome so I guess it’s okay!
Delicious dinner cooked by our homestay host. Fried spring roll is always awesome
Zao’s Homestay at Ta Van // Climbing up here to our homestay was the death of us. It was wet, muddy, steep and very tiring up the hill🌝 Thank goodness for cold green tea which greeted us.
Such cuties😍
More cuties we bumped into along the trek!
Pork fried rice for me, pork fried noodles for the rest of them🌝 Lunch break at 3pm finally.
Yay! Finally reached the entrance and bridge of Lao Chai village!
Aww heart melts😍
Rice Terraces in June😍
Crossing the bridge towards Lao Chai Village
Neck aches and back aches because of all the times we have to keep our eyes on the road and concentrate on not falling!
Signs of us being destroyed by mud, puddle, rain, soil, everything earthy and wet😫
Off the beaten trek🤣
Life’s a climb but the view is great☺️
Faces of Sapa // Daily life
Getting Candice across villages safely~
Sapa -> Lao Chai // Planting season is here~ This is also when a lot of klutzy moments happen but I’m glad we didn’t slip and fall, thanks to our handy dandy rain boots! Anyone trekking in Sapa MUST have boots or good trekking shoes it’s so treacherous, muddy, puddly, and tiring😂
Buying rain boots because apparently the trek around the rice terraces is gonna be super muddy and wet😅
Took a one hour car ride to Sapa Town, where we were going to have breakfast and some freshening before heading for our trek with Sapa Sisters! Featuring H’Mong breakfast of grilled pork, sticky rice and peanuts + Bahn Mi
We have arrived at Lao Cai!

9 June 2018

8 hours // Off to Sapa we go~
Ga Ha Noi // Taking an overnight train to Thin Lao Cai to visit Sapa via Sapaly Express~
Giang Cafe // Stirring them Matcha Egg🌝
Giang Cafe // Cozy little coffeeshop serving egg coffee (matcha and beer versions too!) while you sit on little stools and enjoy drinks on little tables🤣
Bun Cha Ta // Grilled pork in tasty soup, rice noodles, and fried spring rolls. This place is a gem! The owner is friendly and even offered us her own homegrown lychee which were very sweet! I’m sure the grilled pork is damn tasty and good even though we were also very hungry as we didn’t have food for 10hours😖
All aboard and off to Hanoi!