Asia, Europe · 24 Days · 135 Moments · April 2017

A Roman Holiday!

12 May 2017

Back home on the morning of the 3rd, but not before an interesting flight experience thanks to Etihad Airways and Air Berlin. After a rescheduling fiasco right after booking the tickets, the first flight to DΓΌsseldorf is delayed. We miss our connection to Abu Dhabi. Put on an Emirates flight back home, Air Berlin doesn't issue a ticket to Om, which is discovered only after spending 45 minutes in queue to check into Emirates. A run around later, we get his ticket, a meal voucher upon asking, and are welcomed warmly into Emirates with this comment from their staff, "Your son is 5 feet tall, surely Air Berlin knew he was older than 2 and needed a ticket." So much for the insufferable perfectionist Germans fumbling to operate a tiny airline counter in their own land. Two great flights later, we're back to reality!

7 May 2017

Manner munching continues even after returning!! Wish I'd bought some more of these!! πŸ˜‹

4 May 2017

The Sachre torte love continues in the disagreeable temperatures of Bengaluru. #chocolatecakefanatics

1 May 2017

Dinner at the Nirvana Indian Restaurant. Good food, great hospitality!
The Demel Cafe - check. The Demel cake - awesome - taking a small one back home too!! πŸ˜‹
After a lot of roundabouts in finding the Europcar drop off point (in hindsight, it was actually really simple and staring at us in the face) we set out to explore this historical city starting with the St. Stephens church.
The 3 hour beautiful drive to Vienna. Lots of exit bloopers later, we reach the hotel to drop off the luggage at 1:30 PM.
The last morning in St Gilgen was well spent - Us chatting with the owners of the place and Om playing with Nala!!

30 April 2017

Ending this last day in St. Gilgen with some Puliogare and rajma for dinner. I'm so sad to be leaving. It's just so beautiful!! ❀️🌈
A evening well spent gaping at mother natures beautiful best!! Sitting here and staring away has been my favourite part of this trip.
I just love the way these guys decorate their backyards!! ❀️
The picturesque little town of Halstatt. Pretty as a picture but just too crowded with tourists. Not my kinda spot. St. Wolfgangsee is so much better.
It's Avlakki for lunch today. Ready in 8 minutes, it's a perfect on the go meal for us. And when had outside a 7000 year old salt mine, surrounded by the Alps, it's becomes a priceless meal!!
The best part about the mines? The slides to go in and the train to come out!!
Short and sweet presentations on how salt is being mined from this mountain since 7000 years!! 😳
Dressing up for the Salt factory tour!!
The walk to the top involved an excited Om stopping and picking up the snow fallen all around.
The views from the top!! Just wow!!
Reached Hallstatt for a visit to the salt mines and to find out what makes this town inhabited with 859 people be visited by 1 million people every year!! After a bit of parking troubles, we take the funicular to the top of the mountain. It's still a steep walk up to the salt factory.
A balcony breakfast of toast n milk.
Waking up to a beautiful morning. The sun is shining bright! We've now witnessed 3 kinds of weather in 3 days in Austria - snow, cloudy with rain and bright and sunny!! β„οΈπŸŒ¦πŸŒž

29 April 2017

And ending the day with some Yummy Puliogare cooked with some locally purchased Basmati Rice!
Dreamer all the way!!
Turns out he stopped by for a bite of popcorn!! Word of warning : not as harmless as he looks - hissed at Om and bit my finger!! Ouch!
And a visitor stops by!! Isn't he just gorgeous?!!!
Munching on popcorn and playing cards by the lake. Yes, we've lost it. Completely.
Back in the hotel to sit by the lake.
Could it be any more beautiful?!!
Missed an exit on the drive back to the hotel. When the route is so scenic, it's just wrong to expect the navigator to keep her eyes on the GPS!! 😩#cantblameme
I knew Austria was all about the apples, didn't know they made 'chutney' out of it!! Seeing desi words being used like this does give me a kick though!! 😁
This one beat the Italian gelato's hands down!!
While the bachha golfs, the mumma poses, albeit for herself!! πŸ™„
Mini Golfing at the foothills of the Alps!! #thegoodlife #happybaby #makingmemories
For some god forsaken reason, this one reminds me of the 'Palat' one in DDLJ !! πŸ˜›#yashchoprakijai #losingit
The promenade view!!
Another scenic drive later, we reach the quaint li'l town of St Wolfgangsee. With pretty little shops, a breathtaking promenade view and the serene Wolfgangsee lake, this place is right out of a fairytale!!
Met this gorgeous fella just as we were heading out today. Responded to Om's 'cat calls' and walked straight towards us! So friendly! Mr. Snow, there's a lesson coming your way.
A sumptuous start to a new day - Khara Bhath, Toast, coffee, chocolate milk and fresh fruit for breakfast!! πŸ˜‹

28 April 2017

A 7 pm stroll in the rain followed by the eternal question- Aaj kya banega?!! After Khara Bhath for snack and Pav Bhaji for lunch, the baby decides that it's Dal Fry and bread for dinner!! πŸ˜‹
Our hotel surrounded by many others offering camping and trailer experiences!!
Snowfall is keeping us indoors n we're making use of the time by munching on these classics and watching The Big Bang Theory!! #netflix #tvbuffs
Freezing by the lake, but insisting on a pic πŸ™„. At times, I'm capable of annoying myself!! 😏
Spring beauties 😍
A short drive in the area after a quick round of shopping at Spar.
Views from the hotel rooms!! The beauty all around is just overwhelming!! Hasn't sunk in even after spending an entire day here!!
Landhaus Leitner Am Wolfgangsee!! As beautiful a place as dramatic the name!! The best part here - 3 cats n a dog, and that too a black lab!! What are the chances?!!! 😺😺😺🐺
The drive to St. Gilgen!! Hands down the best drive of our lives!! So so so scenic!! Wish I could live here forever!! 😍
A ride anyone? #skodasuperb #europcar
Breakfast at Salzburg Hbf!! Weather : Snowing ; Temperature : -2 Degrees ; Result : super duper excitement!! ❄️⛄️ #firstsnowfall #littleballsofcotton
5 AM shots of the blanketed towns of Austria!! Woke up to find myself in paradise!! πŸ˜‡#snowglory #trainshots

27 April 2017

Ending our journey in Italy with some McD's for dinner and taking the overnighter to Salzburg!! See you in Austria!! 😍 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή #fakesleeping Note: OBB trains make you feel right at home - noisy, with windows dripping rainwater. CNL it should be, always.
The streets of Florence! ❀️
Fruit Sorbets after some taxing tax refund activityπŸ˜₯Thank god I'm not and accountant. And thank god I'm married to a great one!! 😁#smallmercies
Cool as a cat? I don't think so!!πŸ•
Pen shopping at the Casa Del Stilographica!! Exemplary salesmanship by the untiring and patient people running this store!! Impressed!!
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - demonstrated so well here!! "Learning never exhausts the mind" said the man himself.
Food of the gods!! #daalchawal πŸ˜‹#royalindia
Couldn't resist this one!! Walters Silver and Gold - Italian handcrafted jewellery. #splurgingaway πŸ’πŸ’Έ
Some exquisite leather goodies shopping at the Bottega Florentina!! Happy accidents 😊
Beginning the day with a visit to Santa Croce! The Westminster Abbey of Italy, it is the resting place of greats such as Galileo and Michaelangelo!
My Jarvis is called Marvis!! 😬

26 April 2017

Pleasantly surprised on seeing this upon our arrival to the hotel room. Snacks and drinks laid out on the bed with a little note thanking us for our stay at the hotel.
Ending the day with an Indian Dinner, again at the Royal Indian Restaurant!!
The jewellery window shopping concluded with some actual shoe shopping at Otisopse, right off the Ponte Vecchio. Great Italian handcrafted leather shoes at pretty good prices.
The Uffizi visit followed by a walk along the Arno river and gold window shopping on the Ponte Vecchio. The most interesting bit though was the sighting of a crocodile swimming in the river! 🐊
The Uffizi boasts of a number of greats including Michaelangelo's only completed painting, the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, works by Caravaggio and of course, the incomparable Leonardo Da Vinci! 🎨
The first ever store of Salvatore Ferragamo, now a museum.
Lovely little stores on the walk back from the restaurant including this ancient looking perfumery!
Lunch at the Gandhi Indian Restaurant! Jovial Punjabi owner, average food.
A walk along the Arno!!
The David spell was broken by some perfume and cosmetics shopping at Le VanitΓ  - a great store right next to the hotel!
David - An early morning treat!! #dellaccedemia

25 April 2017

The Duomo - imposing by day and magnificent by night! Captured after a sumptuous Indian dinner and some leather belt shopping on the way back to the hotel.
The Royal Indian Restaurant - the smile says it all!! πŸ˜‹#happybaby
All that glitters IS gold here!! #pontevecchio
A troupe of Krishna devotees singing and dancing their way along the Duomo!
Waiting to show you around! Took the Renaissance Walk after a quick visit to the Basilica. Walked around beauties such as the baptistery, the church, the open statue museum in Palazzo Vecchio and the statues outside the Uffizi before reaching Ponte Vecchio.
The Duomo - massive is the word!!
Greeted enthusiastically by the lovely people of this lovely hotel!! The location of this one is just so perfect - in the heart of the shopping district and a stones throw from the Duomo! #hoteldelcorso
The best of train journeys are spent in dreams! #sleepyheads😴
All set for Florence! 🚞
The last morning in Venice begins with a private taxi ride to the train station!! Loved every minute in this sparkling, luxurious beauty!! 🚀 #betterthangondola #wortheverypenny

24 April 2017

An amazing fruit bar serving the yummiest fresh cut fruit and fruit juices!! Fruits n desserts all over Europe are just so amazing!
The yummiest tiramisu ever!! #itremercantiπŸ˜‹
The bridge of sighs!
Palace Ducale - a palace boasting of the largest canvas in the world and the biggest hall in Europe!!
The armoury at the Doges palace! Every great empire has a bloody history! βš”οΈ
The views from the terrace of the basilica!
Beginning the day with a visit to the San Marco Basilica... the unique Venetian architecture and the bronze horses are a treat to the eyes!!

23 April 2017

Dinner at one of the piazzas - great food in an even greater setting!
Love locked!! πŸ”’
Random clicks on the walk towards accademia bridge.
Walking around the Promenade - great views!!
A walk around Rialto Bridge and market followed by blueberry munching by the banks of the canal!! #littlejoys #familylove
San Marco Square - the drawing room of Europe and rightly so!!
Zaguri B&B - small place, spacious room and right on a canal - perfect!
The vaperatto ride to the hotel!! This canal city is just so cute!!
All set for Trenitalia to take us to Venice!! πŸš…

22 April 2017

Our first in Italy....!! #indianfood
A view of the Imperial Palace while walking back from Trastevere!! This ruin looks splendid from just about anywhere!!
The Tiber!!
Walking around Trastevere and visiting the Santa Maria church!!
When the kid refuses to click your snap n you're too shy to ask a stranger, you end up cutting off the head of a masterpiece behind you!! #suckatselfies
Piazza Novona - bustling with people and street artists and lined with cafes! Pleasantly surprised to learn that the Ganga is one of the rivers represented in the fountain here!!
One of Rome's many many gorgeous fountains sitting in the middle of just another narrow cobbled street!
Lunch at Cin-Cin Bar & Restaurant!! πŸ˜‹
Spring!! ❀️
The beginning of a new day with some shopping at the Balloon store followed by some mouthwatering yogurt, gelato popsicles and gelato sandwich at Riva Reno..... it can't get better than this!! πŸ‘—πŸ˜‹

21 April 2017

Yeh bechara queue ki lambaai kaa maaraa!! #qwoes #vaticancity #abnahoga
Vatican museums - check! #sistinechapel #placeofgreats
The seat of Christianity - massive, intimidating and just gorgeous! Worth every second of the 90 minutes spent in the queue!! The security here - super stringent!! #stpetersbascilica #homeofpope
The smallest country in the world!! #vaticancity #stpeterssquare
The Borghese Gallery - Simply stunning. Every inch of this building is decorated with stunning artwork. #beautifulberninis #caravaggios

20 April 2017

La Travita at Teatro Salone Margharita! #experiences #opera #wowvocals πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
A must in Europe!! #fresh fruit πŸ˜‹β€οΈ
Jus' hangin'.......!! #spanishsteps #roamingaroundrome πŸ™ƒ
Pictures speak louder than words!! β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
Staple food of all mankind!! πŸ˜‹πŸ• #wheninrome
The Colosseum - beautiful structure ; barbaric sport! #gladiatorgames #manvsbeast πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ…
The Roman Forum! Entire high school history can be witnessed on this one site. Travel is the best teacher!!
Palatine Imperial Palace!! Who knew ruins could be breathtaking?! #historylove #bctoad
Love birds!! 😍
And a new day begins.......!! #latte #chocomilk #Croissant #loveeuropeanbreakfast πŸ˜‹

19 April 2017

Italian dinner! #romaantica. πŸ˜‹
The Trevi Fountain! Big beauty ; big collections πŸ’°#makeawish
The Novelli pen store. I have a feeling that this is why we came to Italy πŸ€”. #Aurora #Montegrappa #happyhubby #missionaccomplished πŸ’Έβœ’οΈπŸ–‹
The Pantheon! Big, Brilliant, Breathtaking!
The first Gelato! Contrary to plan, it won't be the last!! πŸ˜‹ #dietdilemmas #toogoodtoresist
View of the Colosseum from the Hotel!😍
Tre R Colosseo... beautiful, super clean and bang opposite the Colosseum! Perfect.
The drive from Fiumicino to Rome.... seen nothing and already bowled over!! #justwow #ancient+old+new
Journalling! #mrbigeyes #midnightowl #KIA
Pre boarding power nap! #SleepySleeperson #KIA

18 April 2017

All set!