India, Spain · 9 Days · 56 Moments · October 2017

4 November 2017

At 4 am, as we struggle to shake sleep off our groggy selves to catch a flight back home, the party goers of Madrid are keeping streets awake n alive!! 🍻🍸🍾

3 November 2017

When in Spain! 🛍 #localbrands
Stopped by for a bite of the Spanish version of Badam katli - Mazapan! Delicious! 😋
Lunch was followed by a short but extremely scenic tram ride outside and around Toledo. Breathtaking views!
A first taste of Paella and Potato Bravas! Loved them!
Gothic, Jewish and Baroque architecture coming together at the Toledo Cathedral. The coexistence of all the 3 religions and the mixed architecture is unique here. The cathedral itself is stunning from the inside!
Toledo from the outside is spectacular to look at. Befitting a capital, the lake around the city guarded it as a natural moat and entry to the city is via gates over bridges.
The amazingly well made and preserved Toledo train station. Just 3 platforms and low traffic, but a construction with brick, stained glass, cast iron, ceramic tiles and a lovely clock tower that comes together beautifully! The woodwork on the ceiling can leave one awestruck!
The Renfe brings us to Toledo today! A UNESCO world heritage town, this moorish beauty is a travellers paradise.

2 November 2017

Ending the day with some fabulous Indian food!
Visited the Prado for the second time. Goya’s ‘Black Series’ paintings were such a treat to the eyes. Dark and thought provoking!
The look in his eyes when he sees them!
City views from atop the El Corte Ingleis.
Repeating last nights dinner restaurant for today’s lunch! The pasta and tiramisu we delicious!!
My boy with a prop from his favourite series about the boy who lived.⚡️
The Modern Art Exhibition at the park.. intriguing!
The Retiro Park - my favourite spot of this trip so far! Every bit of this park was delightful - the fountains, the lakes, the turtles and ducks, the live music bands, and the fall colours!! Heavenly!

1 November 2017

Ending the day with an Italian dinner at the Oven!
The Prado - check.
The Royal Palace and Cathedral of Madrid! Gigantic, splendid!
After a quick lunch at the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, we decide to Hop on the tourist bus. First hop off - Temple Of Debod. A monument gifted by the Egyptians to the Spanish, reassembled here. Of historic significance but not much to see.
Splendom Suites Gran Via! Splendid!
Aboard the Renfe from Barcelona to Madrid. The Spanish landscape is so different from that of the rest of Europe that we’ve seen so far. Dry and barren.
The excitement is killing me!!

31 October 2017

Ending the day with our routine dinner menu, this time at the Mayura Indian Restaurant and Lounge bar! Great ambience, good service and awesome food!
Bus shots!
Aboard the Hop on Hop off!! Great tour with some amazing stops - The pillar dedicated to Christopher Columbus, the port of Barcelona, the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona atop Montjuïc and the FCB to name a few!!
Om’s take on the Arc de Triomf - “It’s fake, the original one is in Paris”
The Ciutadella park with this gorgeous fountain designed by Gaudi! We intended to start the day here but made so many (shopping) stops along the way that we ended up here only late afternoon!
The Barcelona Cathedral - one of Europe’s many such beauties!
The Amorino gelato!! Beautiful to look at and incredible in taste. Simply Divine!!
Next stop - The museum of Illusions. Not great.
First stop for the day - A pen store we spot on the way to the Museum of Illusions. Every step we take, we find something ’Bamba will love!’ 👪

30 October 2017

Ending the day with some more desi khana at Gandhi Indian Restaurant!
The views from the Nativity tower of the Basilica!
La Sagrada Familia! Under construction for over a hundred years and still counting! This masterpiece of Gaudi is so refreshing and so different from the Basilicas usually seen in Europe! Fabulous!
The fine taste of chocolate was quickly ruined by some terrible food at the Rani Indian Restaurant! Shame!
Family pack!! 🍫👪
From BB8 to Messi, every sculpture in this museum is made of chocolate!! Drool worthy!! 😋
Museu de Xocolata! The tickets to the chocolate museum? Chocolate bars of course!!
The beginning of another day in Europe!

29 October 2017

Mayerling Abamita Apartments. Our home for the next two days in Barcelona. Spacious, comfortable, clean and well located. We like!!
Waiting at the Port Aventura station for the train to take us to Barcelona.
Making up for all the energy lost in the queue!
Beginning the day at the Red Force ride at Ferrari Land. A 112meter high ride with a near vertical drop and going from 0 to 180kmph in 5 seconds!! Mind blowing!!Totally worth the 2:26hrs spent in queue and the head rush after!!

28 October 2017

When this is lunch, you know your day went well!!!
Rode the Shambhala and lived to tell tale!!🎢 #rollercoasterfanatics #experiences
Entered the Park early in the morning, before the rides had opened and took the opportunity to click the lovely Halloween decorations.

27 October 2017

Hotel Gold River at Port Aventura! Built with a Wild West Texan theme this place is adorable....beautiful little cottages for rooms, a huge breakfast spread and a direct access to the park. Perfect!
The train to Port Aventura runs along the coastline. The views of the beaches, ocean villas and golf courses along the way are simply stunning!
The Renfe from Sants to Port Aventura making us feel right at home.... no assigned seats, overbooked train n passengers sitting on the floor! Helps to have a lifelong training of battling crowds and saving seats!! #desisurvivalskills
A fine time Catalonia chooses to declare independence!! Fingers crossed!!🤞
But first a quick stop.... Chennai Masala Dosa at Chennai Masala Dosa!!
And the mommy-sonny journey begins!!
Never can I ever not see you for five days and be ok with it 😢 💔

26 October 2017

And the routine continues..... because all great journeys begin with, “kuch khaaye?”😋 #beingindian