India, Indonesia · 51 Days · 16 Moments · February 2017

Sneha's adventure in Bali, Indonesia

17 April 2017


1 March 2017

Bali zoo
Bali bird park

28 February 2017

Ubud palace
Organic food
Visit to ubud falls
Uppala Villa Seminyak : Private pool
Rice terrace view

27 February 2017

Gold Smith
Visit to ulawatu Temple . Really amazing view
After having wonderful view of sea we were hungry . While returning to hotel we saw Indian hotel "Delhi dhaba" we stopped there to grab the Indian food . After having wonderful lunch we headed to hotel .
Turtoise island : we have visited turtoise island which was really amazing you can check the pic . The boat which took us from shore to the island was dancing on the waves which was due to Java sea. On the way to island we saw many colourful fishes through transparent base of the boat . I felt so nice and amazed to such a beautiful creation of God. Though we had voucher for under sea walking but couldn't go due to severe cold and jet lag . I feeded the fishes some bread and later headed to island.

26 February 2017

Hotel stay in Neo kuta: after long and tiring flight we finally reach the hotel . Entrance was not that pleasant but, we had to stay . The food was pathetic and we starve at that day. I had bun and stayed. While night the AC water was leaking in the room.
Flight travel : We( myself and my husband) started from Chennai international airport .This was my first international trip and I was excited about it and at the same time was worried how will I be able to travel for 11hours journey ( including transit). We started from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur by 11:45 p.m. I.S.T and it was 4 hours flight with Air Asia. We reached at Kuala Lumpur on time and the airport was very big haven't seen such a big airport in my life . (Regarding food and shopping in airport read below in the captions). We had security which was via metallic detector pass by. It was very interesting to watch that it detects even tiny things. As usual I was asked to removed my bangle which had (iron rod ) in build inside it and my husband was asked to remove belt (.... Laughing ....). After completing our meals we just relax and roam the airport. As I mentioned airport was very big, it had no proper sign boards. The worst part is we have to wait until they give the gate number.

25 February 2017

Almost all airport has duty free shops but, little on higher side
Flight travel from Kuala Lumpur to Bali : we finally boarded the flight after a long wait of 5 hours transit . The flight was on time and we took off on right time. We had little turbo through out the flight and but , view was amazing . After 4 hours of travel we finally landed in the Bali international airport which was on shore .Since we had no check in luggage . We directly went to customs declared our belongings and there was our driver to pick us up.