United States of America · 1 Days · 6 Moments · May 2018

Smithfield, Va short trip

26 May 2018

My favorite house here is the one with falling apart, overgrown front porch. Did i mention I like structures that are being taken over by nature? Overall the whole trip from leaving the house in Virginia Beach to coming home took us 6 hours and that included the two hours we’ve spend touring st Luke’s Church, picnicking in the park, wondering around and driving. Total price: $16 (admission cost for st Luke’s), gas: negligible, food: we brought from home. Now to find more treasures like that close to home.
Smithfield is a very picturesque little town. We walked merely a few blocks on south church street from Smithfield station to Jericho rd and those are the treasures we’ve found. Definitely worth checking out. The blue hydrangea wins in my book ;)
Things to note: 1.in the first pic you can see how much water level can rise in there; 2. We noticed a little bird who made himself a nest at the marina, 3. You can rent the lighthouse for your vacation/getaway. That’s definitely on my list of things to do. 4. Cool car 5. Smithfield is known for its hams.
We walked around Smithfield station and the marina.
Blue herons and marshes along the pagan river at Windsor castle park
After our visit to the historic st. Luke’s Church we drove for about 4 more miles and we reached our next destination, the Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield. We had subs and strawberries for lunch and we enjoyed the picnic in nature. After that we walked through the marshes towards Smithfield Station and Smithfield historic downtown. We’ve seen lots of crabs, some squirrels, blue herons and even deer.