India · 4 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

Sma's journi to Kolkata, West Bengal, India

10 March 2017

Kolkata is a place for shopping especially for Bangladeshis ... number two it's favourite place for medical treatment also for Bangladeshis, though lot of people are visiting Kal for business...
shopping in Kal is always been fun n existing coz of its pricing. So this time Kal didn't also make us unhappy..

9 March 2017

we stayed this time at "Hotel Kempton" in Kolkata. I must say it as "Good" category. it's situated at mostly known n favourite by Bangladeshis Marquis Street.

6 March 2017

some of our pics...littlefoot were enjoying subway, riding on human rickshaw,looking for dinosaurs new book..