Slovakia · 8 Days · 21 Moments · January 2017

Slovakia for the boys

26 January 2017

Easy ridin

24 January 2017

Another great day of snowboarding. Charlie rode his first red!

22 January 2017

When you meet 3 cross country skiers who make you down shots before introductions are made....
Some seriously beautiful scenery
The difference between when we wake up and arrive on the slope. Completely ridiculous.

21 January 2017

A very tired bokke

20 January 2017

Gwyndolyn about to climb into his goulash
Nostrovia! Well deserved pint of Slovakian lager after a touch day of snowboarding
Spread Eagle. Gwyn getting tricksy.. Tricksy.. Dixey?
The boiiiiiis....another ski lift
And for the boys: a ski lift.

19 January 2017

Charlie shredding it up
Gwyn has flu and it's -13 degrees outside. The result, an ice mustache.
Tractor tyres in chains.. and Gwynfryn.
Amazing picturesque scenery on our first day of snowboarding. Beautiful sunny skies, amazing snow and of course, -13 degrees Celsius....
Day 1 Snowboarding.

18 January 2017

What a sunset! We've arrived safe and sound but it is cooold! First day of snowboarding tomorrow, bring on the powder.
Man and his Jeep.
Slivovica ('Slivo vitsa'). A homemade Slovakian schnapps. We think it's 50% proof but we can't be entirely sure as it's been brewed in some dudes garage...
Lunch in Slovakia: Chicken. Potato. Peaches. Nuts.