Europe · 7 Days · 38 Moments · January 2019

1 February 2019

Saying goodbye to Steve and Debbie. Our amazing chalet hosts this week!
Oh dear, a bus and a truck having a stand off.. made my walk more entertaining.. lol
Nice power walk around the town. Never seen snow like it.. crazy
Going to miss Debbie’s tea being delivered to my door tomorrow

31 January 2019

Ski lift time...
Steve using technology
Some great times skiing...

30 January 2019

Currently googling broken toes, difficult to diagnose.
Chalet hosts day off. Time for cheese
“That’s my ski” Laughing at Adams lost ski on the chairlift today
beautiful day (now)! Slopes are empty.

29 January 2019

Today’s Skiing
So after a 15 minute wait for this one to get up the drag lift we decided to stop for a beer and lunch. #selfservicelifts

28 January 2019

Bubble bath to ease the aches
Lunch in Mont Chery Grande D’Ourse
Les Gets
Adam and i smashing the slopes... #likeaboss
Monday morning.

27 January 2019

Planning for tomorrow
Afternoon Tea!
New Mittens purchased to survive the cold and a Vin chaud to finish the day
My smart Husband decided to put the plastic lighter on the fire after he lit it! #stupid
Ski lift time.....
Happy Skiing!
Pit stop for a hot chocolate with some strange mountain alcohol in it

26 January 2019

Practicing their ski jumping for tomorrow
And we’re in!
Nearly at the mountains
First drink of holiday
On the bus!!!!
And we’re off! Heading to the airport