Sri Lanka · 7 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Jim & Siyan's trip in Sri Lanka

8 April 2017

Finished our SriLanka trip in a perfect way. Reading next to the lake in the morning, getting a bus immediately with the help of the tuk tuk driver, walking along the beautiful beach, enjoying beer and sunset...everything is so peaceful and romantic.

7 April 2017

We rode our bikes through the almost 2000 year old ruins in the woods, saw the beautiful sculptures like the moonstone and cobra king, tried to figure out the ruins' structures and fantasized the stories, sit under big bodhi tree to see the huge stupa and watch monkeys playing, and even saw two beautiful peacock flying... In this amazingly beautiful and peaceful wood, we are like traveling by time machine to safari in 2000 years ago in the endless historical stories and fantasies.

6 April 2017

This 7 days trip in Sri Lanka is amazing. Every day we thought we had a wonderful day and nothing could be better, then the next day was more amazing. So the last part of our trip in Anuradhapura turned out to be the even most interesting. We arrived this ancient city in the afternoon and went to see the 2000 year old Sri Maha Bodhi tree. Jim booked a very nice hotel next to a beautiful lake. So we bought some dinner and beer, and enjoyed the sunset on the balcony. The next morning we got up at 6, had some simple breakfast in our room, then rode bikes and arrived at Anuradhapura Museum at 7:30. So they opened the museum 30 minutes earlier than usual. Thus we started our exploration and wonderment.

5 April 2017

Polunnaruwa was not on our plan list before we made this trip, but we are so glad we came to this fascinating ancient city. We were totally amazed by the ruins of grand palace, temples, sculptures, inscriptions...

4 April 2017

After visited Sigiriya, we took a tuk tuk to get back to Dambulla for lunch. We had amazing curry rice! Then we went to the cave temple. We were amazed by how they carved the temple in the huge rock. To be more impressed by the cave temple, Jim was robbed by a monkey. Haha.

2 April 2017

We let off a lantern, which was my first experience and of great fun. Saw a small ancient temple when walking back the hotel after had local curry dinner. Curry rice for lunch and dinner. To be surprised, the local people also have curry for breakfast. Lucky we found a nice cafe for coffee and sandwich. The weather forecast said it would rain rain rain in Colombo. But we have great sunny days yesterday and today, and saw the amazing Gangaramaya temple and beautiful sunset in Galle Face. And we are lucky to stay in a cozy nice beautiful hostel, which has great location next to the town hall and central park. So far we still haven't got the bag. But nothing to be complained. I had a great time here with the man I love with all my heart.
We had a good day!
Our flight was delayed in Pudong airport. So we missed the flight from Kul to Colombo and took another flight, which our checked in luggage didn't follow correspondingly. We arrived at late night and spent quite a while to try to find the suitcase. The bag will take the flight this evening and then be sent to our hotel. So we will stay in Colombo for one more day, which was not our plan but we will enjoy visiting Colombo.