Canada · 22 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

Eve's view on Canada

2 September 2017

Picture this; 1 screaming baby, 2 stressed out adults, and 1 stressed out 10 year old. This is us at the airport. Arg!!

31 August 2017

Today I babysat baby June πŸ‘ΆπŸ» . She was sleeping in her car seat and flipped back. Sh would not stop crying .😭 I tried everything but all she wanted was mommy. Then I heard the key card swipe and I said "that's mommy".June stopped crying. Then the key swiped a gallon and by that time June's lip was quivering. We heard a man say "oops, wrong door" and June completely broke into tears. Mom thought that was Prius, but on the hilarious, but on the other hand, I did not. She owes me a lot of babysitting money for that one.(the photo is of me exhausted after the babysitting)

20 August 2017

The next day we went Cara's diner and then we flew to st John's. June was well behaved, and I think everyone on the plane was also happy with the peace and quiet. I know I was!

19 August 2017

We took a long drive to a fishing village called Lunenburg to visit a fishing museum. When we arrived, it was pouring, I mean pouring rain. Mom and I went and saw a movie about puffins in to the museum's movie theater while June and Jeff goofed around. After the puffin movie l went over to a museum worker and learned how to use a spinning wheel, spindle, and a loom. After the museum we went to the shaker deli for lunch. We browsed Leuenberger for about 30 minutes. Then I went to a book store and got a book. It is called The Pirates Passage and is set in Halifax. Then we drove back to the Lord Nelson.

18 August 2017

The next day we went on a tour through Halifax. We had an amazing tour guide named Kenny. First he took us to the cemetery where most of the people from the Titanic are buried. Next, he took us around town and to a playground, and finally we went to an old war fort. Then we took a walk through the public gardens.

17 August 2017

Our first day in Canada we went on the Harbor Hopper, which was an old military Vehicle that could drive right into the water and float just like a boat. Then we had dinner at a restaurant that had great food. When we got back to the Lord Nelson (our hotel), we were all exhausted. 😴

11 August 2017

The first night in st John's we went to an amazing restaurant for dinner called Blue on Water. The food was incredible and I had a hamburger. Then, we walked to Moo Moo's Ice Cream. Then Jeff June and I joked around in the "Bubble Gum Cove". All in all, it was a great night