United States of America · 12 Days · 13 Moments · June 2018

Singing School 2018

22 June 2018

The closing program was AMAZING!!! We had so many laughs and memories this year and it was so bittersweet to leave everyone tonight!! I love you guys!! Until next year 😉 {day 12}
It’s the last day at NGSGM! :( We have had an incredible time and we’re about to have our private lesson recital! We’re all excited for the closing program tonight!! {day 12}

21 June 2018

We had NGSGM’s got talent today and everyone did amazing!! Even little Bethany! 💙 Then our special surprise today was Mrs. Karen peck! I even got baby snuggles! {day 11}

20 June 2018

Today was the most amazing day!! We just got done with our devotion for tonight and about 8 people got saved!!! PTL!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 {day 10}

19 June 2018

Today was recording day!! We recorded 15 songs! {day 9}

18 June 2018

We had a lot of fun today!!! We got to go get ice cream on our break and it was delish!! {day 8}

17 June 2018

We’re back for week two! {day 7}

15 June 2018

We have had a ~GrEaT~ first week at music school! Lots of laughs and new friendships made! I even had a smiley face on my breakfast plate this morning lol! Can’t wait for next week! {day 6}

14 June 2018

We had a great Thursday!! We learned how to make scales and then we had a private concert which was so funnnn!!!! {day 5}

13 June 2018

Today was crazy hair day!! We also had a special surprise when these three hopped on the stage and started playing for us tonight! {day 4}

12 June 2018

WOW!! Today was incredible! We started the day off by being on the Fox 5 Atlanta news! Then we had a contest to see who could the gummy worms the fastest lol ;) Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!! 💙💙{day 3}

11 June 2018

Today was lots of fun!! I met new friends and I got put in my class! {day 2}

10 June 2018

Today’s the day!! Every year we count down the days to singing school and it’s finally here!! This year it backed up to our mission trip so this girl is running on trollis and Jesus!! So glad I got to see my friends today! Can’t wait to see what the Lord does in these two weeks! :) {day 1}