Europe · 67 Days · 76 Moments · February 2015

Simon's trip to Europe

19 April 2015

We are now in Naples. This morning we were greeted by a marathon. Now we are making our way to Pompeii!!!

17 April 2015

We are now at St Marc's square. We took a long walk and we saw canals, masks and lots of winged lions (not real). Venice is beautiful.

15 April 2015

Manarola. This is my favourite Terre. The views, the hikes and just the views charmed me.
Corniglia. We only spent an hour but the mountain views put me under its spell.

14 April 2015

Riomaggiore. It's the 5 of the five and probably my favourite. The buildings are charming and so are the people.
Another hike today. We took it from Monterosso and we came to Vernanza the second of the 5 Terres. Now we will take a train to...

13 April 2015

Done in Cinque Terre for today but we will explore tomorrow.
The village we arrived in was Monterosso. We are exploring the city centre and surrounds.

5 April 2015

Bye Nice. We will miss you!!!!

4 April 2015

Looking at what Prince Albert the First discovered as an oceanographer on the first floor of the museum.
Another aquarium!!!! My love for fish will never cease. The oceanographic museum is amazing and houses a lot of species of fish.
Monaco!!!! Another country to add to my been there list. Walking down from the tourist office into the gardens and peeking out the Casino Royal!!!!

3 April 2015

A beautiful view of Nice.
Taking a walk along the beach.
Nice is home to Europe's biggest monument to the dead. The sign says: "The City of Nice to there sons dead for France".
So many boats.
Relaxing at the Castel Park- this is the life.

2 April 2015

Took a hike around the Cote D'Azur which was just across the street from our villa.

1 April 2015

We are finally in Nice and our a accommodation has a pool and a beautiful view of Nice. You can't see it because it's dark outside.
At Marseille Train Station we came from Montpellier and we are going to Nice!!!!

1 March 2015

St. Guilhem le Desert is a beautiful little village. It has a monastery and wonderful gorges. We really enjoyed it.
After a half an hour drive we stopped at the Devils Bridge built in the 11th century and we continued to the small village of St. Guilhelm du Desert.

28 February 2015

Our last stop today was La Grande Motte a futuristic looking city.
We had a quick stop at Aigues-Mortes a fortified city used for the crusades.
Just finished our Camargaise tour. Didn't see many animals but still loved it.
Making a little stop at the church in St. Marie before our Camargaise adventure.
Here I am posting again. Today we just made a small weekend trip. Today we went to St-Marie de la Mer. We have just arrived and later we are planning a tour of the Camargue.

22 February 2015

We are done our two week journey. In ? weeks I will be posting again so keep your eyes peeled!!!

21 February 2015

Having a meal. Our last meal in Basel. In a couple of hours we need to go back to France. Sadly vacation is overšŸ˜­
Having a quick visit to St. Albans church.
Having fun at the paper museum.
This morning we saw the Tinguely museum. He was a very interesting man. Everything that is not a machine is part of the temporary exhibition "smells"

20 February 2015

We just enjoyed a very long visit too Agusta Raurica a small roman town. I loved every bit of it.

19 February 2015

A Trinkhalle in Baden- Baden. If only it was a bar. Oh wait it is!!!! Yes the Trinkhalle was a bar for King Leopold of Germany.
This morning we went to a relaxing thermal bath in Baden- Baden, Germany. It was bliss.

18 February 2015

Walking on a bridge in Lucerne.
We had fun on a mountain and we sled down.

17 February 2015

The Basel history museum includes globes, cannons and death dances. Until the 8th of March the museum is free due to renovations so see it now before you need to pay.
As our weird museum of vacation we went to the toy and show museum. It would be amazing for a scary movie. It is a very interesting museum but very creepy.
A church in Basel by the market.

16 February 2015

Goodbye Copenhagen, hello Basel. Yes after a quiet plane ride we made it to the where Switzerland, France and Germany meet. Even in the airport a sign said to Switzerland and the other said to France and Germany. I will discover this place tomorrow.
Buying takeout at Holm's bakery.
The Post and Telephone museum was named the best museum in 2014 for Copenhagen. It's interactive and great for kids.
Sea lions, otters and fish oh my! We made it to the Copenhagen Aquarium. The building is beautiful and so are the animals. It's a very interactive aquarium with lots of things to do. We are taking a break from the museums and historical things and enjoying the wildlife of the world.
We are leaving our hotel room in Copenhagen. But first we are going to the aquarium.

15 February 2015

About to enjoy a movie in the planetarium in Copenhagen.
This is one of the best zoos I've ever been to. The variety is great!!!!
Eating at the zoo!!!
We are having fun at the Copenhagen Zoo. Today it's Halloween for the Danish. They dress up and they hit a piƱata like barrel and candy falls out. In the old days a cat was put in to ward of evil spirits.
On the way to the Copenhagen zoo!!!!

14 February 2015

A skyline view of Copenhagen from a bell tower.
Enjoying the story and the stories of Hans Christian Andersen.
Having hot dogs at the Andersen bakery.
Outside the Christianborg Palace.
Looking at how the royals lived at the Christianborg Palace (not in use today)
Deserts in Copenhagen. Great!!!
Nyhavn is the port in Copehagen and mostly where all the beautiful pictures are taken. There is one building were Hans Christian Andersen lived and most of the buildings are coloured.
Wonderful Copenhagen. We are enjoying the first part of our tour.
Starting a relaxing boat tour through Copenhagen.
Walking to the port in Copenhagen.
Goodbye Paris, hello Copenhagen.

13 February 2015

Eating at a very good restaurant and getting ready for our flight to Copenhagen at 9:00 pm.
An artist corner close to Sacre-Coeur.
At Sacre-Coeur. By the way the Sacre-Coeur is a basilica and on the highest point in Paris. No photos inside the building for religious respect.
Going to Sacre - Coeur
Outside the Orsay. On the way to Sacre- Coeur
The Orsay, probably my favourite museum in Paris houses impressionist art to cubism art. It was a train station and almost destroyed in the 70s. It was also were the film Hugo was based. I hope some of you get to see it some day.
Starting my tour in the Orsay.

12 February 2015

The Academy of Music in Paris
The Eiffel Tower at night.
The outside of the Arc and the tomb of the unknown soldier.
The Arc de Triomphe has the best view of Paris. You can actually see the Eiffel Tower from the top. So happy to be back in Paris.
Relaxing at the Jardin de Tuileries outside the Louvre. Can't help sleeping.
This morning we made it to the Louvre. We had to wake up early but it was worth it. Looking at the statues and paintings I remember what a rich culture we humans have. Everything was beautiful even the roof. But I'm probably never going here again.

11 February 2015

After a 1 hour train ride we arrived in Paris. But first we had to get through a Parisian traffic jam. It's not easy. I've been to Paris before and it's the worst big city to stay in to get over jet lag. Luckily we were already in France. Our hotel is amazing even though it's three stars. It's a two story hotel. I'm so happy to be back!!!!