Australia · 11 Days · 117 Moments · June 2016

Melbourne Holiday

7 July 2016

6 July 2016

A day at the Melbourne zoo!

5 July 2016

Went out to dinner at the groove train. Good food!
Took a visit to the art thing place today. Got sick of looking at old things pretty quick...

4 July 2016

Hey Marge! The rains are ere!
Starting the Great Ocean Road. The views were spectacular!

3 July 2016

Found this little guy on the way home! Ultra friendly little guy!
Eiffel Tower selfie!
This place is an awesome sight at night. So many lights.
Went back for round two tonight at Hillsong Melbourne. Heard Ps Steven Furtick via live link - it was a brilliant message again.
Love the colours at night around here. Amazing.
Exploring St Kilda
Went to St Kilda and visited the famous Lunar Park. Tried our best Lunar Park faces out.
Went to Hillsong Church in Melbourne this morning. Was a great service and very welcoming.
This is a dream job of mine. The satisfaction of using a gurney coupled with the excitement of scaling really tall buildings!! So fun!

2 July 2016

Wasting time on the tram home :)
Dinner with Michael and Emily. Plenty of laughs were had! Ask Sarah about her big rests...
This is where we are staying currently!
Love the architecture!
Super cool colours in the graffiti
Melbourne Central - Shot factory.
Saw a cute girl on the corner...thought I'd say hi!
Managed to see the sun today! Guy in the shop said it was the sunniest day he had seen in a long time...and most of the day was overcast :/

1 July 2016

MELBOURNE!! Fireworks to celebrate our arrival and everything!
Bit hard to show how cool the sky was in a photo...
Lakes Entrance!
Lakes Entrance

30 June 2016

Down to the pub for a MASSIVE meal. Ate till we were chockers then packed the rest for lunch tomorrow!
Victoria! The actual Victoria sign was gross and in a hard to access spot so got a pic at this one a couple hundred metres down the road.
Shot through Eden
UNREAL sunset! Click the pics for the panorama shots to open properly...phenomenal.
Bega Cheese Factory!! Free cheese!
First bit of brown we had seen in a long time! They have had some pretty serious flooding through here in the last couple weeks.
Mimosa Rocks
Nice little bush walk at Mimosa Rocks!
The Narooma golf course!!
You have to test out the facilities!
Met some seals today!! Cranky...
Narooma! Incredible scenery!
Something about these bridges...they're so cool
Some cool clouds!
On the road again...
Sensational chilly morning in Ulladulla this morning!

29 June 2016

Pulled up in chilly Ulladulla for the night.
Hymas Beach. Amazing white sand and clear blue water but the sun was heading out for the night to show it clearly. Still pretty regardless!
Sarah's photography have increased ten fold today! From three photos of poles from four shots at the start to this stunner!
Kiama blowhole is actual as cool as the advertising and breathtakingly beautiful scenery to back it up!
Zip line was fun! Sarah loves it when everyone else (me and the operators) make every effort to make it swing and move. She LOVED it.
The tree top walk held spectacular views!
Amazing scenery changes every minute! My eyes are exhausted from taking it all in!
Magnificent Mittagong!
Heading out from Gosford

28 June 2016

Chasing seagulls. Never gets old.
These people catch a boat to their place because the water is the only access. Imagine building the places!
Lunch at the pub here was incredible! The big fireplace was nice considering how cold the breeze was outside!
Gotta have the important things!

27 June 2016

Always love catching up with this bunch.