31 Days · 166 Moments · November 2017

Australia 2017

19 December 2017

18 December 2017

17 December 2017

16 December 2017

15 December 2017

14 December 2017

13 December 2017

Vivi shocked everyone with her instastory. #overlyattachedgirlfriend
Aladdin musical. Yeeah
Awesome Pizza, right before the musical

12 December 2017

Expensive sushi train stuff. Good but hmmm
Tha room in Melbourne next to the FBA office
Flying to Melbourne

11 December 2017

Beautiful sunset at O-bar in Sydney
Eating amazing burgers at Bondi Beach
Vivi and Simon walking from Googee beach to Bondi beach

10 December 2017

Meeting up with Tanja to get Malaysian food
Just a casual awesome juice at Joe and the juice, a juice chain from Denmark that only hires cool guys, apparently and Oscar figured out that there is always one guy with short, one guy with middle long and one guy with long hair
After that we met up with Dani and Oscar at Kansas City shuffle for lunch, where Dani had an awesome pancake and the rest ate burgers, followed by a stroll over the harbor bridge, that wasn't that long because everyone has to pee. We made it to the other side though and foound a couple of houses we would allow ourselves to buy, if we had the money.

9 December 2017

And finally went for Ramen in Sidney. :)
Sightseeing: the toilets in the Opera House in Sydney. Pretty cool to be in there.
Today we did the Free walking tour in Sydney. It was pretty good. The guide, Ross, was the one who founded the I'm free free walking tour and wrote the script for it, but you could see that he has done it one too many times, because he sounded bored at times, although he tried to sound cheerful
We walked through the botanical garden to get a good look at the opera house and bridge at sunset.
Today we had bunch with Tanja Thirring, who works for the WKO in Sydney right now, and a friend of hers from Melbourne. We went to Bowery Lane. :)

8 December 2017

On our first night in Sydney we decided to just get some quick food around the corner. Thankfully there was a well rated restaurant nearby called "work in progress". But on arrival they told us, that it was closed because of a private party. So we looked for something similar and found the other restaurant of the guy, who created the work in progress. The restaurant was called Mr. Wong and was about 9 minutes from our hotel. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised, but also underdressed. We managed to get in anyway and got a seat at the bar, where we had awesome steamed dumplings and duck with pancakes (Peking duck) It was really good except for the desert (grias vanilla ice cream with butter scotch, which was way too salty) The restaurant itself was really amazing though and a little bit expensive (about 180$ - but you only live one backpacker life. Right?) Later we found out that Mr Wong is one of the hippest and coolest restaurants in Sydney. No wonder it was crowded.
After a very complicated, stressful and hasty drive through Sydney with driving around the block 5 times, because we couldn't find a parking lot near our hotel to drop our luggage off, we drove into a parking garage and managed to convince the guy there to let us park for just 10 minutes to bring our luggage to the hotel and then drive off. We did that and then finally managed to get to the washing street and then to return the camper van. Although it was a lot of stress and we arrived a little bit late, we didn't forget to take our last pictures with him. Goodbye Duke. You have been an awesome travel buddy and we really enjoyed the time with you. But now: nice hotel with real shower, here we come :)
On our way to Sydney
Our camping site near the golf course
Today we slept on a free camping sight near a golf course. It was pretty well rated, apart from the casual sight of a nudist. We arrived yesterday late at night, are eggs and sweet potatoe and went straight to bed. When we woke up in the morning, we opened the curtains and Simon finally saw his first kangaroos (except for all the dead ones on the road) There were about 8 kangaroos and 2 joeys out there :)

7 December 2017

Duke with the beds made
Our Duke. Tomorrow its to say goodbye.
The close we came, the more we thought it looked strange and soon smelled the burnt smell. We soon found out that it wasn't just normal clouds, but a huge bushfire near Port Macquarie. We drove for 2 hours through smoke and the terrible smell and decided we would skip Port Macquarie and get out of the smoke to a free camping sight.
The clouds grow bigger and bigger
Suddenly big clouds that look cool
Vivi would love to take an Instagram photo, but she is wearing her glasses. At this moment she is thinking, whether she should take it off for a picture and crash the car.
On our way to Port Macquirie
Our camping spot in Byron Bay
The next morning we woke up really really early at 04:00 and met up with Alex and Dani to drive up to the lighthouse again to see the sunrise. And it was definitely worth it.

6 December 2017

In the evening we met a lot of Fenner people for dinner.
It was an amazing day at the beach and we really fell in love with Byron Bay.
The next day we rented a surfboard and enjoyed the beach

5 December 2017

Back in our camp, we tried to fill the water tank and Simon almost killed Duke, the camper van, because he didn't see the tree and just stopped on accident 5cm before the tree.
So funny. When we walked up to the lighthouse a car just pulled out from the parking lot and I was like "hey, tha guy looks like Jack Johnson". And Vivi was like "that is Jack Johnson". Vivi waved at him, he looked a little annoyed, but waved back. :) Pretty cool, two days after his concert. Apparently he lives/used to live in Byron Bay.
We even passed the most eastern point of mainland Australia. And the lighthouse view up there is really amazing. We even took some drone pictures and didn't crash it on landing.
The walk up to the lighthouse was really amazing.
Here we met Marlene, Freddy and Mike. Mike showed us around, because he is from Byron Bay, and led us up to the lighthouse. :)
Vivi and Simon arrived in Byron Bay. A bit of a hippo city with lots of alternative people and surfers. It is very small and beautiful here.

4 December 2017

On the way down from natural bridge we saw beautiful mountains and even a camel. Oh yeah.
The landscape was pretty cool. We didn't see the fireflies or a lot of animals, but we saw a sleeping python on the side of the road about 3 meters away.
On our way to Byron bay we decided to so at least one interesting thing, because we didn't like the idea of just driving there without a brake. So we did a small detour to Springbrook national park to the natural bridge. The natural bridge is a small stone bridge with a waterfall and a walk of about 1.5km. On arrival ist started to rain heavily, so we just made ourselves comfortable in the van, are something and took a nap. After our nap it was still raining, so we went out anyway and made the most beautiful raincoats in the world out of trash bags. Simon has a 2pac bandana, by the way.

3 December 2017

On our way home from the concert we had to take a dumb selfie of the tree outside and later at the bus station a picture with the Christmas tree
Amazing birthday present. Jack Johnson concert in Brisbane. It was amazing. Great seats, awesome songs and most of all: perfect weather. We were really fortunate, because while waiting in line to get in, it started raining a little bit and we saw lightning to a point where concert officials told us to seek shelter and the weather forecast showed 90% rain possibility. In the end, we didn't see a single drop, are Nachos and had a very very beautiful evening.
Brisbane is a really cool city and we enjoyed it a lot. The only sad thing is that, we had to say good buy to Dani here, because she will travel with Oscar now. The good thing though is going the same way and we will see her again in almost every destination we are going to :)
So we finally arrived in Brisbane and cuddled one night with Oscar in our van. 4 people in a van, and something still sucks: the fan. After this lovely night with huge bats and possums at the camping spot, we went into the city and met Alex for a boat ride, that nobody really took notice of, because we were talking about our journies.

2 December 2017

All in all we have the following conclusion of Fraser Island: - weather: shitty at first awesome in the end - nature: awesome - Timbo, the guide: douchebag (Dani hates him) - we saw: dingos, dingo puppies, brown snake, spiders and even dolphins at the end near the ferry :) So although it was shit at first and tent camping is not our thing, it was awesome because of the amazing scenery. Oh and Vivi and Dani really liked the driving. Simon thought it was ok. :)
On our last day on Fraser we went to this beautiful lake right next to these sand dunes. It was a 2.5km walk, but we really enjoyed staying there. There we little cleaning fish and big cat fish in the water. Of course the guys in our group really showed off and tried to impress all the girls. Oh and "Uke girl" (or Crazy Bird, or "Vita" - although we still think she made that name up) told us about her parents and family - yeeeey.
The camp and the tents sucked though. The fact that we had to cook and clean really annoyd us for that price.

1 December 2017

Actually, after the first night Fraser Island wasn't that bad. We had awesome weather the next 2 days and saw a cloudy, but cool sunset on a hill near the camp. (Just had to walk 30 minutes to get there, but was worth it) Amazingv sand dunes almost as far as the eye could see. Oh and of course we met Kath and Celeste there again.
We saw the amazingly boring ship wreck at Fraser Island but were more amazed by the small blue bottle jellyfish we found in the sand
A big leguan in our camp on return.
The Indian head. Captain Cook passed by here before he went to Australia and saw the indigenous people on there.
Champagne Rock pools. They were created by the Aboriginal people of Fraser Island to catch fish.
The next morning on Fraser Island started way better. Good weather and a drive to Champagne Pools and afterwards to the Indian heads.

30 November 2017

Had a terrible nights in terrible tents. Everyone hates it right now, but hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow. Meeting the people in the camp was really fun though. We mostly talked to the bin Germans (Italians, French) and played ziggy ziggy. Best drinking game ever.
Fraser Island here we come. It is raining, but hopefully it is true what the guy at the reception said: one day of rain and then 2 beautiful days :) In the last picture you see the amazing Uke. :)
The beach of 1770. The historic site where Captain Cook landed in 1770. Didn't crash the drone there
The streets are terribly bumpy, but surely awesome to drive. We haven't had the chance to, but maybe tomorrow

29 November 2017

And suddenly it started raining like crazy, so we pulled over and had our lunch a little bit early. :)
That was close. We almost ran out of gas on our way to Rainbow beach. But thankfully we found a very small gas station. <3 #livingonthedge

28 November 2017

On our way to 1770 Vivi managed to half-steal a watermelon. It was 5$ for a small and 10$ for a big one. Vivi only paid 5$ and took a big one #thuglife2
On the road to 1770 our longest trip by far. We drove for 8+ hours, but managed to pick up some new drone propellers in Rockhampton
Our last breakfast right before we left Airlie beach. Scrambled eggs with wraps

27 November 2017

We made a Pavlova and Celeste and Kathi stalked us again. :)
Working in a terrible steak restaurant chain and paid a lot of money for a bad steak. What an awesome day in Airlie beach. Vivi and Dani went to Withsundays :)

26 November 2017

The moment we almost got run over by a train, because Vivi wanted to take a picture on the train Rails #happytobealive #viviwantstokillua
Vivi stole a Mango. #thuglife #badass #queenslandmango
And yes, we did find them + a lot of posing
Looking for Rock Wallabys on Magnetic Island

25 November 2017

"Climbing" up to Magnetic Island Fort, and seeing Simon's first Koala (he hasn't even seen a single living kangaroo yet). It was a free living Koala with a small baby. So cool. Oh yeah: and we took a cool dronie and then Simon killed another set of propellers (australian: props)
Our Motel on Magnetic Island. The Arcadia Motel with a lovely elderly receptionist, who was right about all the "good" restaurants in town. (Not so many anyways, but Vivi didn't believe her)
Going to Townsville to get the ferry to Magnetic Island. Everything seems to be about Mangos here. :)
Going to Townsville to get the ferry to Magnetic Island.
Camping next to the lake in Yungaburra. Nice campingspot with lots of old Australian people.

24 November 2017

You are just looking at the unbelievable, infamous, almost world wonder of platypus viewing platform. Built by gods! Definitely worth a drive of 100 hours, if need be.
Looking at the curtain fig tree was actually surprisingly cool. Meeting the Chinese tourists, that looked into our Van without asking, wasn't that cool, but fun, because Dani looked into theirs as well. Karma biatch!
Having Lunch at a random but really nice free camping spot. CHILI CON CARNE 😍😍😍
On our way to the water hole. We found awesome mangos
Going to the water hole and meeting Julian, the French hitchhiker, who mostly eats food he finds in nature and wants to swim naked. Awesome trip and hard to find. We wanted to go back twice, because we were not sure about the way, but found it in the end.
It really seems like Vivi wants to be eaten by a crocodile, because she keeps running close or in to the water behind the huge crocodile and jellyfish warning signs.
Cape tribulation at a point of view. Almost killed Pedro the drone after it tried to kill Dani.

23 November 2017

Staying in the jungle and walking the most amazing boardwalk in the whole world. No crocodiles here though. :(
Goodbye Travelers Oäsis

22 November 2017

Last walk home through cairns from diving. Somebody was trying to give us free pizza at one of the annoying backpacker trip offices. Or at least that's what she said. We no believe, we no haz chiesbörgaz.
Noo yeeey for Simon: just pukey di puke :( But dolphins and turtles for Dani and Vivi yeeey
Diving on a huge boat, yeeeeyy

21 November 2017

The Cairns laguna
a lot of medicine and vitamin c to get ready to dive tomorrow

20 November 2017

Hostel bbq eating crocodile, kangaroo and emu meat
Breakfast at the Lilypad cafe

19 November 2017

First night out with a major jetlag :) Falls Cocktail bar in Cairns. Salthouse

18 November 2017