New Zealand · 1 Days · 1 Moment · January 2016

Simon Sagenheld

Simon's odyssey through New Zealand

8 January 2016

day 1 Christchurch first impression: depression. a city destroyed 5 years ago. not even close to recovery. but there is a certain whiff of potential and creativity in the air. street art. rough construction sites. eating at Japanese restaurant being almost vegan (fish broth) haha. expensive too. seaweed salad was a joke! BUT drinking Sekt!!! Henkkel Rose. so exciting. well not surprising on the other hand given that probably half of people on the streets is german. so many Germans. omg. wifi coverage minimal. but that's not too bad I guess makes you realise how much time is wasted when online. and now I got the chance to write down this weird thought salad. coz of course I didn't download anything offline onto the phone haha. tried to look for a new Bryson book but nein. no success (under 50 dollars). meh. living in a room without windows. but don't tell anyone haha. but managed to turn off the mood lighting. boy was that annoying when I was trying to have a nap haha