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Simona and Mr. R's tour in Dalmatia County

15 August 2018


11 August 2018

So here we are in Trogir. 40 min by bus. We are having breakfast at Riva and we will walk the island after
Walking tour in Trogir

10 August 2018

Change of the guard @Diocletian Palace Take a sit on the Perisil stairs around noon and wait for the Emperor to welcome you into his palace. During the change of the guard appears emperor Diocletian himself alongside six of his soldiers. Emperor then welcomes the commoners and holds a commemorative speech, inviting guests to his palace.

9 August 2018

When in Split, don't miss a game of Hajduk. Today was vs Steaua (Split vs my childhood favorite team). The atmosphere was the most energetic and festive than any other game I had ever attended. Really glad we attended this event.
Klis Fortress On our second day of the roadtrip in the Dalmatian county we stopped at Klis Fortress, one of the most significant fortifications in Croatia ruled by Romans, Avars and Slavs, Hungaro-Croatian kings, Turks, Venetians.... and Games of Thrones over the years. It is quite impressive and quite huge. What will you see? Amazing views, 3 entrances, Avanzato position, Oprah Tower and side tower, Artillery barracks, arm house, small kvartir or Officers' barrack, residence of the provider or rector's home, the Church of St. Vid which is almost completely preserved. During the Turks control it was changed into a mosque but 100 years later the Venetians restored it and dedicated it to St. Vid. From the Oprah Tower you can see the Ancient Salona town. If you visit it make sure you have a bottle of water with you as as on site you cannot buy any. At the entrance there are some small terraces where you can buy one.
After Klis fortress and Salona vestiges, we spent the afternoon in Trogir. What a great discovery! We need to get back again before the end of our vacation in Croatia. Too many things to do and see.
Following our roadtrip we stopped at the remains of the ancient city of SALONA which it is presumed was built in the 4th century B.C. Julius Caesar proclaimed Salona as the centre of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Salona was a fairly secure place for quite a while, but its inhabitants abandoned their homes and fled to Split, where the emperor Diocletian had a palace built for his retirement and which offered a more readily defensible haven. It takes 2 hours to visit the ruins and it's really interesting to spend some time here. There is the Manastirine, the most important old Christian complex where was buried Salona's martyr bishop Domnio killed in the Diocletian's prosecution of Christians. A nice green space with a fountain next to the museum. The Episcopal centre, the Forum and theater, the complex of Marusinac, Kapljuc which is Salona's oldest sepulchral basilica, the amphitheatre which was supposed to accommodate 15 000 people worth the walk.

8 August 2018

Sun Salutation is a wacky and wonderful 22m-wide circle set into the pavement is filled with 300 multilayered glass plates that collect the sun’s energy during the day. Together with the wave energy that makes the Sea Organ’s sound, it produces a trippy light show from sunset to sunrise that’s meant to simulate the solar system. It also collects enough energy to power the entire harbour-front lighting system, especially at sunset, when the gorgeous sea views and the illuminated pavement make for a spectacular sight.
Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ is unique. Set within the perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea is a system of pipes and whistles that exudes wistful sighs when the movement of the sea pushes air through it. The effect is hypnotic, the mellifluous tones increasing in volume when a boat or ferry passes by. You can swim from the steps off the promenade while listening to the sounds. This is a superb spot to peacefully watch the sun go down to the mesmerising tones of Zadar's most popular attraction.
And here we are in Šibenik for breakfast in this small and lovely restaurant facing the Marina

7 August 2018

Just got from 2 days in Dubrovnik and we decided that today is a relaxing day, so we planned to have breakfast on our terrace and visit the Diocletian palace in the morning, going to the beach, have a sunset dinner and walk on Riva for a desert. Once in the Palace you can buy tickets for the treasury and the cathedral only (20 kuna) or for 5 attractions: treasury, cathedral, temple of Jupiter, bell tower and crypt (45 kuna). We took the 5 attractions deal as we wanted to see the most of Split. And at the end we had a beer on the steps of Peristyle to salute Diocletian.

6 August 2018

CATHEDRAL OF SAINT DOMNIUS is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings still standing. It was built as a mausoleum for Diocletian, the last famous persecutor of the Christians, who was interred here. Two centuries later the Christians got the last laugh, destroying the emperor's sarcophagus and converting his tomb into a church dedicated to one of his victims.  
But first...DUBROVNIK Ohhh Dubrovnik!!! What an interesting and phenomenal city. It is known also as King's Landing. Dubrovnik's people were the first in the 🌍 to abolish slavery, they founded the First Orphanage in Europe and one of the oldest Pharmacies was founded here and is still in place in our days. The museum is a must when in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik had a perfect and skilled diplomacy over the years and the city is very much proud of it. 👏 We loved the narrow streets, the Ice Cream, the atmosphere, the going back in time tour we have done with Stjepan. Also many films and commercials were filmed in Dubrovnik: Games of Thrones, Star Wars, Robin Hood, etc.

5 August 2018

3 August 2018

And here we are on the Ferry to Brač. Too excited
BRAČ Visiting the largest Dalmatian island “The island of Brač is only 45 minutes away from Split by ferry boat. With the area of 395 km², it is the largest Dalmatian island and the third largest island of the Adriatic sea, and last but not least important it is the highest island in the Adriatic sea. The peak's name is Vidova gora (778/mamsl) with an unforgettable view of the Adriatic sea and the islands. Abundant in small, Mediterranean towns, from Bol, Supetar, Postira to Sutivan and Milna, secluded coves and beautiful beaches. Brač is famous for its beach Zlatni rat in Bol, included on the list of ten most beautiful beaches in the world.” Source :

2 August 2018

Sunset and Champagne on a boat. It was a great activity and the views of Split are breathtaking. We met your our guide at the Riva and we spent 2 marvelous hours on the sea 🌊🛥
We walked down on Šetalište Petra Preradovića for a while and we found the Ovciče Beach. We had lunch on top of the hill @ Mythos Grill and enjoyed the view. Today was not too sunny but very humid.
So this morning .... in fact this p.m. we woke up and left for the beach. The first one is at less than 5 min from our Airbnb appartment and it is said that it's the most famous beach in the city: Bačvice beach. ... not in our opinion. We had coffe at the cute beach cafe bar (Zbirac) and we left for a walk.

1 August 2018

Today we were traveling back in time with Ina, our Blue Umbrella guide, an archeologist full in love with the history of Split. We have got facts of 1,700 years of the city’s history, from the construction of the Diocletian Palace in 305 CE, to its place as Croatia's 2nd largest city and the only ancient Roman palace never abandoned and still alive. The Palace has 4 gates still in place. Also we saw the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world to still be in use in it's original structure. We walked on the same rocks as the Romans did back centuries and we loved the Peristyle. In fact, after the tour we went back to Peristyle and we had some drinks and food right on the stairs outside. Didn't took pictures as we are going to spent more time in the City and put a little history on each picture that I'll take....or almost. Next steps... visiting all this marvelous places.
So this is Croatia. Beautiful from the air.
Good Morning Amsterdam! And now we are even closer...

31 July 2018

Isn't it? Goodmorning Sunshine 🌅#enjoythemoment
And here is the Lady Moon and its reflection on Mr. Plane KLM. #lifeisbeutifulbutnatureisgreater
Sunsets don't die ... #enjoythemoment
And we are closer to our destination. #klmtravel
Our Sweet Alex ... brings us to the airport... making sure we are leaving... 👍😘
Couple of hours before leaving for the airport...

29 July 2018

Day -3 before journey: proteins day