Thailand · 2 Days · 6 Moments · November 2015

Smirnoff presents WATERZONIC 2015 November28

28 November 2015

The colour of the sky deepened,so did our moves 😂
The high on life once a year is SO mandatory haha 😎
An event to be remembered.I wasn't up for making good bonds with anybody here but well sometimes you happen to meet certain people with whom bonds simply grow stronger and in time have each other backs and motivate each other through bullshit and crappy situations.Im so glad I found them ❤️
Underage but well,never out of drinks 😂

27 November 2015

Couldn't help but try on clothes for the wedding heheheh
One in a awesome while kind of events,although I had exam the very next day,I couldn't help but attend both, the concert as well as the exam huhuahhaha what a beast 😎