Luxembourg, Greece · 6 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Silke's journi to Greece

22 June 2017

After being a week here, I slowly start to understand how the system works. At primary school there is 6 days a week school every second day

20 June 2017

Today is World Refugee Day. But for the refugees themselves, thid is every day. Struggling each day with the simplest things in life, for example here in Chios have a decent living situation and sending your children to school, BAAS is doing an amazing job in the later. The commitment and energy they're putting in their primary school, high school and yourh center, shows that for them too, every day is refugee day. Being overwhelmed by all the informations, impressions that I get and situations which I'm faced with, I find it particularly hard on this specific day to sort my emotions. On the first picture you see a "policia the frontiera" boat in the port of Chios. On the second pictue, you see hills in the back which are Turkey. It feels so close, but is unfortunately yet so far and hard for some people to cross....

18 June 2017

Arrived safely in Chios. Probably the smallest airport I have ever seen. I got picked up from the airport from Jacob one of the coordinators from BAAS. He drove me by to the house number 2. BAAS is renting two houses/flat for their volunteers to stay. Normally i'm staying at house 1. Bur as nobody was there, it would be a more welcoming to stay in the other house. Even after being nervous and very excited during the whole trip, I can say that meeting the other volunteers and to know what the plan is tomorrow, rally calmed me down. I can sleep now without stressing out and be prepared for tomorrow. Good night 😴

16 June 2017

This is the situation right now in Chios.
I will also be doing ghis volunteering in cooperation with Catch a Smile asbl, where i was a very active member like a year ago.
I will volunteer with BAAS a swiss organization which is having a refugee schoon in Chios, Greece in the next 6 weeks. #beawareandshare