China, Kazakhstan · 3 Days · 10 Moments · July 2016

Silk Road tour through Kazakhstan

7 July 2016

Day 3: Heading up to the border on the bumpiest dirt road. Goodbye, Kazakhstan!
Day 3: Brief stop at the Charyn Canyon enroute to the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border.
Day 3: Heading out of Almaty towards the border with Kyrgyzstan. Brief stop at a market furnished us with extra food, Kinder eggs and a transformer toy 😃

5 July 2016

Day 1: Almaty's Green Bazaar: the neatest fruit stalls I've seen anywhere in the world and the friendliest market vendors! The lady at the honey stand was really lovely but kept hiding and giggling when I was taking a photo 😉🐝
Day 1: After lunch we went for a laid-back wander through the park surrounding Zenkov Cathedral on our way to the Green Bazaar. The cathedral is apparently the tallest structure in the world built only using wood. There are reputedly no nails used in the structure: only wooden plugs, etc. It survived 2 major earthquakes because of a 2-m wide sand trench built around the foundations to absorb the shock waves.
Day 1: Kazakh Tenge: the smaller denominations!
Day 1: Lunch, Georgian-style, at Daredzhani restaurant, Almaty.
Day 1: 1st half of our trip is set to go! Central Asia Adventure - Almaty to Tashkent with G Adventures here we come 😊
Day 1: Stunning view from our hotel room in Almaty over the Zenkov Cathedral grounds to the snow-capped Zailiysky Alatau. We're not in China any more, Toto!

4 July 2016

Day 0: Entering Kazakhstan over the Tian Shan mountains to Almaty.