Italy · 4 Days · 6 Moments · July 2016

Silia's voyage in Liguria, Italy

15 July 2016

Recco, Italy is the water polo capital of the world. I was lucky enough to go to a small town called Sori and watch the two polo teams play head to head. I even saw three Olympic polo players. The best part about it was it was free.

14 July 2016

These two pictures don't look like a lot but for me are some worth seeing sites. The first one is an statue of Jesus, but it's UNDERWATER!!!!!! May years ago a group of monks who lived on the beach by the current place of the statue is. They want for a swim and put it smack dab in the middle of the shallow beach. The other pictures is of a fence full of locks. This is in the middle of the walk you take to go to Portovenere. That is the second town you would visit if you were walking through the Cinque Terre( five beautiful towns protected by the United Nations). So far these have been my favorite stops on my trip.

13 July 2016

Shopping in Liguria is different than you would expect. Unlike large cities and towns, the shopping center is not on humongous mall with billions of stores smushed together. It's more like tiny stores all lined up side to side down a long street. I loved how each store was so quaint and had objects full of stories inside.
The architecture in Liguria is incredible. There are multiple churches dotted all over the province. Each has it's own design and personality. The major cities in Liguria have a lot of unbelievable history standing up to day and the architectural appearance is breath taking.

12 July 2016

After hiking the rustic Italian mountain side, I sure am hungry. The two most popular foods in north of Italy is focaccia bread and pasta with pesto. The food here has so much flavor and comfort.
Liguria is located at the top of Italy. It looks out across the Mediterranean and even Spain. The water is like a vast blue pound that never ends. So far in my journey I feel the salt water lash at my skin, hear the cries of hungry seagulls, and smell the waft of fresh flowers.