Australia · 9 Days · 29 Moments · February 2017

Sigrid's Queen Mary2 Cruise

8 March 2017

On the ship

7 March 2017

Yesterday was Margaret's birthday we had a beautiful day on the Reef at Whitsunday Island after that we came home and got ourselves all ready for a dinner at the Veranda restaurant which was very special and will include some photos of that and today we're just going to have a pretty sort of easy relaxing day not sure what we're doing at this point

6 March 2017

Slipper tail lobster
Close up
Wild mushroom cappuccino
Tartare of Venison
White crab & sea Irvin
French aged Brie brûlée
Trinity beach on the 6/03:17
The ship in the distance
The Derwent Hunter built in Tasmania 1946
The Derwent Hunter built in Tasmania 1946
Just left Queen Mary2 on a tender to Airlie beach to board our tall ship sailing experience

4 March 2017

Well here we are at breakfast Creek in the quest hotel getting ready to leave to embark on the Queen Mary two I'm out our time is 2 o'clock so if that if you asked to go and do a little bit of shopping and dinner and get ourselves organised last night we went to the breakfast Creek hotel and had a beautiful dinner they do beautiful smoked meats over there and then make showcase was amazing we decided that we would have the 10 hour slow cooked pork I was a pork belly and it was absolutely gorgeous and it was

3 March 2017

Have arrived in Brisbane and we checked into our hotel the quest feeling very comfy
On my way toBrisbane to meet my friend Margaret, we will overnight at the Quest Hotel before boarding the Queen Mary 2 for our cruise

1 March 2017

Look at the mess trying to pack to get ready for my cruise it's hard

27 February 2017

I'm learning how to create a journal for my special holiday on the Queen Mary two. I hope by the time my journey commences I will have mastered the journey app and be able to record all those special moments.