North America, Europe · 13 Days · 78 Moments · April 2017

Zürich, Venice, Florence, and Rome!

24 April 2017

Incredible trip! Bye Europe! I have no words!

23 April 2017

Last meal! 😭
The Colosseum

22 April 2017


21 April 2017

Added - Pictures of us
The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps!
It's a Frappè!
Two awesome things!

20 April 2017

Can I just take a moment to appreciate this hot chocolate that is just melted chocolate? 😜
Pont Vecchio (again)
Did a mention Italian food is amazing? Best pesto pasta ever. Ever.
The Domo!

19 April 2017

Gelato and Pont Vecchio
More pictures of San Gimignano!
San Gimignano is a must must must must must must must must (etc) do!
1 - Best Lasagna I've ever had 2 - Lemon soda is the best 3 - I like bread 😜
View of Florence!
View from our hotel window!

18 April 2017

Making our own pizza and gelato!
Can they please have these in America? 😄
Bye Venice! It was awesome!
Going for a stroll!

17 April 2017

The glass art is beautiful!
Lunch was awesome at Rossopomodoro!
Delicious gelato at Gelato Fantasy! Our first gelato in Italy!
I think all plants are prettier in Venice!
View from the canal
Yummy lunch!
The Grand Canal is amazing!
By the docks
Boat ride!

16 April 2017

Welcome to Venice!

15 April 2017

Delicious dinner at Zunfthaus Zur Zimmerleuten! Thanks for an amazing experience Zürich!
More pictures of Rheinfalls!
Visiting Rheinfalls!
Good morning! Breakfast at Sprüngli!

14 April 2017

Really nice hotel that I had to take pictures of! 😂
Back down in Interlaken! The view of the mountains is still wonderful!
Above the clouds here in Jungfraujoch! Kinda scary outside (and inside!)
Heading up to Jungfraujoch, the highest mountain in Europe that has transportation! 😬
In Grindelwald!
Up to Grindelwald!
Taking the train to Interlaken!

13 April 2017

Lion monument at night. I'm sure it's just as beautiful during the day!
Awesome dinner by the river at Schíff!
Beautiful Luzern buildings and bridges! 😍
Pretty alpine flowers!
Views from Rigi! Breathtaking! ❤️
Views from the train up to Rigi!
Mountains 😍
Delicious breakfast with amazing scones and hot chocolate at Miyuko!

12 April 2017

Taking the tram!
Sunsets are always better at a lake 😊
Boat ride on Lake Zürich. The view is definitely worth seeing!
Quick chocolate break at Teuscher!
The small streets of Old Zürich!
Beautiful scenery!
Again, ❤️ it!
It's the details that I always notice!
I ❤️ this architecture!
Lovely view of the sunrise from the plane!

11 April 2017

Arrived in Washington D.C. airport 😄