Europe · 8 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Europe '17

19 June 2017

Terezin and Prague | Day 9

18 June 2017

Seeing Prague | Day 8

17 June 2017

Prague at First Glance | Day 7

16 June 2017

Auschwitz | Day 6

15 June 2017

Seeing Krakow | Day 5

14 June 2017

Seeing Warsaw | Day 4

13 June 2017

Warsaw at First Glance- Train to Poland | Day 3

12 June 2017

Seeing Berlin | Day Two

11 June 2017

Berlin at first glance | Day One Bikes are everywhere, which is amazing because of how accessible everything is. Our tour guide lives here without a car because she walks, bikes, or uses public transportation. Berlin registers their trees. In order to make sure there is balance between the industrialization and nature, they register their trees with numbers to make sure they are planting enough. They say that Berlin is its own country inside a country because of how different it is than the rest of Germany. Berlin is very diverse, majorly influenced by the Kurds and Arabs. The streets are open and bustling and the atmosphere is so inviting and enjoyable. There are tons of cafes in the open that seem to be filled at an everyday bases.